Chapter 30 Day 6 The Scare Crow


Day 6, Solar South, Wounded Child
Sunday, 3/12/2017, Yellow Rhythmic Star, Kin 188,
Solar Plexus Chakra

Our group now heads for the South of Tiferet. There are the children, Dorothy, Kétre, and Miri, and the puppy, Indra. We have Dandy, the Lion, and Tim, the Tin Man walking with them. Miriam and Rev Absurd are following behind with Lord Jesus, Lady Mary, and A.A. Metatron.

img Mirror Busted

Mirror Busted

We all stop to enjoy the lunch that Dorothy packed for us in her basket. We are about to finish when we hear what sounds like a cry of distress from the corn field across the Yellow Brick Road. The children all get up and rush to find out where the noise came from.

There on what appears to be a pole, with his feet dangling above the ground is a Scare Crow! The children hurry, and get him off of the pole! He is weak, because he has lost a lot of stuffing! “Thank you!” The Scarecrow said! “I didn’t think anyone would ever find me! No one travels this road anymore, since the Wizard of Da’at has closed the passageway,” he added.

“What?” said Dorothy.” Do you mean that the Wizard of Da’at is still at work? He was supposed to stop scaring people LONG ago!”

The Scarecrow replied, “Well, when I found out that he was up there, I turned around and tried to go home! But some black birds tricked me into playing the Scarecrow game, then they got scared when they heard that the Wizard of Da’at was up ahead. They flew off in their panic, and forgot to take me down off the pole! They didn’t do it on purpose. The Wizard is frightening everyone away!”

“Well,” said Dorothy, “We’re off to see the Wizard, but we didn’t know he was blocking the Entrance to Da’at! We thought he was the friendly Gate Keeper now! We’ll just have to take care of this!”

“Do you mean I will need to turn around and face the Wizard of Da’at, too? I am not very smart! I was going to get a brain. You can see if the Blackbirds were able to get me to play the Blackbird Game, and ran off, leaving me on the pole, I wasn’t very smart. Even though they didn’t do it on purpose, I should have seen the danger,” the Scarecrow said. Then he added, “My name is Clarence, Clarence the Scarecrow.” He said it with confidence. One could tell he really liked himself. He just felt he needed a little better judgement!

Dorothy replied, “Well, let’s get you over to the picnic table and get some food for you. You look very hungry! Then we’ll stop and meditate to see what we should do. You’ll like our meditation. It looks like hopscotch! Few people know that Hopscotch originated from the Sacred Kabbalah! It was an active way for children to connect with their Divine Child and Jesus and Lady Mary. It was sort of like a playground!”

With that, Dorothy led the group over to the picnic table so the Scarecrow could get nourished. Dandy and Tim stayed and kept Clarence company, while Dorothy found a stick and showed Kétre and Miri how to draw the Hopscotch Game. Actually it was Indra who proudly found the perfect stick, and Dorothy began drawing in the earth.

image of Kabbalah Hopscotch

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After the scarecrow had finished lunch, the whole group gathered around Dorothy to learn how to meditate using the Hopscotch Kabbalah.

Dorothy explained, “After the fall of man, the Kabbalah lost 2 sepheroth and one, Da’at was disconnected. No one could get to Keter. This Kabbalah has heaven close to us, and earth far away. Our natural place to live IS Keter. We are returning there once and for all on this journey!”

Then Dorothy pulled some little semiprecious gems out of her dress pocket. “Originally, the participants used semiprecious gems, instead of stones,” she continued. “The children would polish and shape theirs so it could land and stay put, and not jump around. You could have any size you wanted.”

With this, Dorothy put a selection of gems on the grass, and said,”If you know the Master you work with, and the color of His/Her Ray, you may pick that color. I have more than one of each, in case some of you work on the same ray.”

With this she asked everyone to pick a semiprecious gem. Dandy Lion started and chose Amber. Tim followed and chose Amythest. Then Clarence chose Lapis. Dorothy chose Ruby, Kétre chose Malachite, and Miri chose Turquoise. Then Indra barked and everyone realized that Indra had a little Medicine Bag on her collar around her neck! Indra walked over to the gems, and put her nose on the emerald one! Dorothy realized that she wanted the emerald put in her little Medicine pouch, and she bent down and put the emerald in Indra’s pouch. The puppy wagged her tail and licked her face to say “Thank You!”

Dorothy explained that this would be a group meditation. The question would be, what do I need to know for my journey to the entrance to Da’at? We will have to learn the rules to this wisdom game another time. Suffice it to say, that each member threw their stone on a number, skipped on the Hopscotch map, then sat down to receive their answer. After the quiet time, everyone agreed, they received the answer that they needed. Quietly the little group began to continue their journey on to Tiferet. They felt peaceful and confident.

For the rest of the trip to Da’at, the little group contemplated what Jesus taught about the mind following the heart in “Love Without End – The Mind”, By Glenda Green. Pages 37-41.