Chapter 30 Day 2 On the Yellow Brick Road

Day 2, Planetary South, Wounded Child
Wednesday, 3/8/2017, Yellow Lunar Seed, Kin 184
Root Chakra

Here we are again at Malkut. We are reviewing the past, and remembering trying again (after January 6th of 2012), trying to get up to Da’at again. This time it’s Miri, Ketré, and Indra, our new little puppy. Dog is God spelled backwards, and we are glad to have her along!

As we start on our journey, we are quickly approached by a lion! He seems to know we are off to Da’at, and wants to come with us! We wonder if we’re in the fairy tale of the Wizard of Oz! This lion, however, whose name is Dandy, is looking for a wise one who can explain to adults that Safety is the opposite of Fear!!!

The lions in Dandy’s home town have been studying “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM), and other spiritual literature. One of the most prevalent teachings in the New Age is that Love and Fear are opposites. Since we are co-creating the Inner Child’s Accession Path (ICAP), we must be honest about the inner child’s true emotions. The teachings that Love and Fear are opposites, have never even fit into my adult female truths. Since studying the healing of the wounded child I’ve never met anyone’s wounded child who believed that Love and Fear were opposites. Every inner child knows that once Daddy or Mommy picks them up in their strong arms, they are safe and are back into loving again. The studying with the mind has caused everyone to get very intellectual and try to “figure it out.” Trying to figure things out, instead of asking for true feelings from the heart.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about SAFETY, and the beauty of being protected by Divine Government! That’s what Mother Father Gods’ Divine Government does, protects their children from on high! Dandy Lions’ whole town has seemed to have forgotten to pray for Divine Safety!

“It’s our Divine Inheritance”, says Dandy Lion! “I will not be emotionally dishonest, and say, when “I’m feeling afraid, it’s because I’m not loving enough!” And fear is an important quality for being the Ground Crew! We are in bodies of clay, or flesh, and in order to do our job well, we need to have all of our senses honed in!  We need to love, honor and respect our bodies. We need to be divinely protected. I will speak my own truth!

Miri and Ketré were most glad for their new companion, Dandy Lion. He seemed to understand an important gift of the wounded child, Emotional Honesty! It turns out that they themselves are going to try to find out from Daat, why there seems to be no government at ANY level protecting the Children of God! And we are all Divinely created children of God, since we are descended from Adam and Eve Kadman of Genesis 1, the  First Creation described in the Bible.

We’ve learned from childhood we are worthy, from our Creator. “We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men (and women and children, too?) are created equal. And they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights: among them being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

How can these rights be protected if there is no enforced Divine Law embedded in Divine Government? This is what Ketré and Miri are trying to find the answer to. What happened to our inherited Divine Rights promised by our Creator?

Ketré said, “Lets invite Dorothy to come with us! She is an expert at getting her questions answered! And acted upon.” No sooner was the invitation extended than Dorothy appeared! She was hoping she would be asked, and had already prepared a basket lunch for everyone!

Of course, Dandy Lion was glad to see her, because they are already such good friends! So, off the little group goes to the next stop, Yesod!