Chapter 11 A Huge Decision

Here we are, and through the last 2 chapters, we’re still standing on Mother Earth!!! We were waiting to step into the canoe, and start our voyage back to Keter. We had been reviewing our new talents and skills, Our expanded beliefs and spiritual awareness. Miri is checking with Miriam, and it’s clear to Miri that she, (Miriam) is planning on stepping into the Keter Canoe from heaven. Miri’s heart sinks. “Wait, wait, she says. “We need something really new!!! Something to remember that what we’re doing is REALLY special!!! (Miri likes the idea of special!)  “As wonderful as this heavenly Canoe is, it isn’t special enough! Just think, this Canoe has been available from ancient times, and we just found out about it 26 years ago!”

Now Rev. Absurd has learned long ago that it’s a good idea to let the ladies make the BIG decisions!

You’ve heard the expression,
“Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”
Well, you should realize, too that
“if MIRI ain’t happy ain’t NOBODY happy.”

Not that Miri is spoiled, of course, but she had a dad who used to say, “Well, we men have made a real mess of things. We ought to give the reigns over to women and let THEM give it a try!” Of course 60 years ago that was not popular at all, or even a manly to say! And we ALL Know, THAT did NOT happen. Men never even considered sharing power. So, by now, Miri is wondering what the saying “Women and CHILDREN first”, even means! Who even ever thought of letting children give their opinion? That saying has no UMPH to it at all ! When have children’s voices EVER been heard? So, of course Rev Absurd is out numbered 2 to 1 on that one, and anyway he agrees with Miri and Miriam!

“What shall we do, then?” Jesus and Lady Mary asked together? “Do you have any ideas?” “Well no,”she said… She just knew that something Drastic, and she meant DRASTIC HAD to happen. Something that had NEVER been even thought of before, let alone been tried! She sat down on the soft ground to think.

Although we have not yet come to the subject of how to get all 28 aspects of ourselves to cooperate in unity, (or even how to meet them) we can see an example here. Each aspect of the 28 is equal, and yet, we here at the TAO Humor Center are on a mission to explore what Jesus meant when he said.

“You must become as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Also, …… “and a little child shall lead them.”

So here we are in almost the 42nd year of exploring, and Miri knows she is the leader!

When my adult aspects get grumpy and think Miri is getting too bossy, she reminds them that this exploration of what it means to “become as a little child” is not HER IDEA, but the IDEA of Jesus. Then everyone calms down and says “Yes, we all 28 agreed to come to earth and have this experience.

You can already see that this journey with the ark and the Canoe has a lot of background explaining and history of how we got here with Noah’s Ark, and the Heavenly Canoe in the first place. And of course, Lord Jesus and Lady Mary are here. Also my inner children: Miri Sunshine, my Divine Child; Miri Black Cloud, my Wounded Child; and Miri Silver Cloud, my Inner Child, (the result of my work of uniting them), all are here. Now, the three are just “Miri”. We will say more later about that, and include what we already have on these websites about how we 3 became one.

You may have noticed how Miri seems to have gotten comfortable with being an aspect of this starry telling. At first she was hesitant to participate. And she’s very happy to let her adult aspects explain the concepts, practices, and our history. The hard and serious things!

However, you will see as we go on, she’s not bashful at all, and would much rather play, laugh, and be in fantasy land than do what most children and adults seem to do on this planet.

We have 2 mottos:

Life is uncertain! Play First!

Let’s stamp out this planet’ #1 problem.
Seriously Serious Seriousness!

All of my 28 aspects are on board with these!!!

So now, let’s let Miri have a really quiet time alone by the beautiful water here, to let the vision of how we should travel come to her magically.

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