Chapter 30 Day 14 Return of the Animals

Day 14, Universal South, Wounded Child
Monday, 3/20/2017, Yellow Magnetic Warrior, Kin 196, Heart Chakra

There was a Great Hush over the Valley of Da’at, as the whole scene responded to this celestial event. The words began to saturate the participants on every level of their being.

You are the Heart of Love,
You are the Heart of the Universe,
You are the Heart of Creation,
You are the Heart of God.

From the beginning of time,
Your energy has shaped and shifted and created,
And modified and expanded and given,
So that the Heart of What Is,
May be known once again.

Know that this is honorable,
And You are honored on all dimensions of the Universe.
Know that You are loved very much.
And We give to You and Yours Our Blessing.

We say for You
You are blessed.
You are blessed.
You are blessed.

“………The Nameless Ones”

Each participant was having his/her own experience of what the return of Indra’s Net meant to them. The Great Mystery silently rolled in from the West. The Great Silence crept in from the East.

Read more below about Indra’s net.

The message from James Twyman’s Book “Emissary of Love, The Psychic Children Speak” was sinking into the consciousness of the adult and child alike.

The message from the psychic Children to the world was/is :
“Pretend you know God Loves you. BEGIN NOW !!!”

The Silence was profound, and each person had as long as they wanted to absorb the Divine Love, which is all there was!

Return of the animals

1-12-92 Return of the Animals …

At the perfect moment, every participant realized that an enormous golden and pink cloud, at earth level was appearing. One could begin to see that groups of animals were arriving. Immediately, the crowd at Da’at knew that it was the long awaited Prophecy of the “Return of the Animals”. First among them were the ones that had become extinct on planet earth within the last century. There was such ecstasy and joy among those being reunited! They came and came and kept coming. Da’at is so large, there was still limitless space.

The Ghost Shirt Dances performed by the faithful Native American men have been honored!! What a celebration!!! Praises and gratitude arise to the Great Spirit and Creator, as the Sundancers move into the center to do a dance.
When the dance and celebration were over, Dandy Lion spoke to our little group of friends of how touched he was as one from the animal kingdom. He reminded us that it is prophesied in Isaiah 11:6 KJV:

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them.”

“And here,” Dandy Lion says, “Is this Prophecy fulfilled! The animals, and the little children leading the way!” Peace, Joy, and Love, were the Divine Blessings of the day. It was time for each one to retire into the Silence and to integrate this Magical Day in their own Being.


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There are pages and pages on Google about Indra’s Net.

You could enter your study according to your own interests. To name a few: Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, Hindu, Metaphor, non-dual nature of all, holographic metaphor, parable, Aikido, Sacred Geometry, Unified Field, a Sutra, Unbounded Spirit, Joseph Campbell, Chaos Theory, Vedic Indian Mythology.

Indra’s Net and the Net of Indra.

There is a beautiful Picture of Indra’s net visualized on this page:
And A wonderful explanation of the Indra’s Net on this page – with interesting quotations:

For the Ghost Shirt Dance (a Native American focus) you could research these keywords on Google:
Ghost Shirt Dance and the Return of the Animals.

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