Chapter 29 Day 21 Upside Down Kabbalah

Day 21, Monday, Blue Rhythmic Eagle,
Kin 175, Heart Chakra, Planetary Center

Image of Kabbalah upside down

Upside-down Kabbalah


There are pages and pages on Google about Indra’s Net.

You could enter your study according to your own interests. To name a few: Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, Hindu, Metaphor, non-dual nature of all, holographic metaphor, parable, Aikido, Sacred Geometry, Unified Field, a Sutra, Unbounded Spirit, Joseph Campbell, Chaos Theory, Vedic Indian Mythology.

Indra’s Net and the Net of Indra.

There is a beautiful Picture of Indra’s net visualized on this page:
And A wonderful explanation of the Indra’s Net on this page – with interesting quotations:

This website is a group you can join to enhance the web of life.
Net of

For the Ghost Shirt Dance (a Native American focus) you could research these keywords on Google:
Ghost Shirt Dance and the Return of the Animals.

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