Chapter 3 Buried Memories

So let’s take a break from the story here, and see what we’re really talking about. A child’s simple understanding of higher spiritual concepts buried somewhere in our remembrance of ourselves as divinely created human beings – Adam/Eve Kadmon.

Being raised in a Christian country, many of us were taught that we were born in sin. The best we could do was to accept that and that Jesus was the only Son of God. We were not told that we were also divine children of God and Jesus is the first born. We accept Him and follow Him back to our creator. The idea that the Messiah lives in my heart was not known or taught in my church. Not until I got into the study of Sophian Gnosticism and the Kabbalah did the depths and heights of the real Messiah begin to dawn on me. The really good news of the Bible was left out.

Also, as a young child sitting with my mother at church, I knew when the minister talked about God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit as a male, I knew something was wrong! I knew that my mother had something to do with my baby sisters’ birth. Her tummy was big when she went to the hospital and she came back with my baby sister and a flat tummy. Mothers and the Feminine had to be somewhere in the mystery of creation of all kinds. I knew that.

I loved to hear the ministers’ soft voice and see the sun shining in on his face and listen to the organ music. I would watch specks of dust float around in the stained-glass colored air. I loved Sunday School with the cotton ball lamb art, felt board and Christian story pictures, coloring Noah’s Ark and Mrs. Warden, my spirit-filled Sunday School teacher. Even though I felt secure and loved in my church experience I knew even at that age that some truths were missing.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

Okay, are you with us? By “us,” I mean Miri, Miriam and (Gone Fishing) and Reverend Absurd. Now we have the map, Kabbalah, we are journeying on. We’re mainly on the Middle Pillar of 5 Medicine Circles or Sepheroth stacked on top of each other, the 5 Trees of Life creating the complete Tree of Life.

At the top of these circles is now a beautiful heavenly canoe ready to bring our divine children down here to us, our ground crew. Yes, even our ego, the embodied part of us who had the courage to come here in the first place. She is the linchpin in this story. The linchpin that holds all other aspects of us together.

By now we realize how precious every aspect of us is. And we have fallen in love with humanity, including ourselves. What has been allowed to happen to the divine human being creation as an experiment, we don’t comprehend. However, we know a lot of the truth that has leaked out … and still we remain an army of divine love. That’s who we are.

Having been a white water canoeist for a large part of my adult life, I’m well aware of the dangers in canoeing. So, I look up at the canoe above Mt. Jefferson and see Miri sitting in the middle of the canoe. She has asked for Lord Jesus to be at the stern and for Lady Mary to be at the bow. Also, Archangel Metatron is hovering over them in the canoe. By now, you must realize, if you’re going on a journey with Miri, Lord Jesus and Lady Mary will be present! This IS the whole point of our journey! Journeying with the Highest.

Down, down, spiraling down through the five Sepheroth with Jesus at the stern, Lady Mary at the bow, we arrive safely at the eastern gate of Malkut. (See image above.)

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