Chapter 31 Day 8 Divine Truth


Today is 4/11/17, Tuesday
Day 8, North, Solar Medicine Wheel, Yesod Sepheroth
White Planetary Mirror; Kin 218, Crown Chakra

We are trying to understand what is going on in every aspect of planet Earth and combine that with the intention of Divine Cosmic Government, Divine Cosmic Law and Divine Cosmic Justice. I have made some topics for us to consider the plan for Heaven on Earth or the Golden Age. I don’t know who the “powers that be” are on Earth and I don’t have the answers. However, it seems like we all have a responsibility to contemplate what will be the most effective way for humanity to learn the truth about our past four and half million year history since the Fall of Man.

Jesus said, in John 8; verse 32 KJV:

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

Jesus did not say, “Ye shall know the partial truth and that shall set you free.”

With this said, I feel humanity ourselves, “We the People,” should be deciding for ourselves the best and safest way for all of us to try to absorb the truth about who we are and learn the truth about all aspects of our mutual history.

5-4-97 Breathe - Fabric Of Cosmos

Breathe – Fabric of the Cosmos

Topics to Consider:
Some people are promoting the idea of no public announcements, even after the “fake news” is disproved. This would mean that when the new gold-backed global currency, the new Republic of the USA and the full disclosure of Divine Spaceship Technology is phased in, it will happen in an inconspicuous way. In other words, when making the transition from the New World Order, the Black Matrix, the Cabal, the Illuminati, USA, Inc. (take your pick) to the Republic of the USA, Divine Government, Divine Justice, Divine Law it will be so smooth that people can be open to and accept the change.

These people believe that gradually revealing the true history of humanity and what’s been allowed to happen to us for four and a half million years after The Fall would keep people from being severely traumatized. This approach suggests that gradually revealing the truth will be the highest good for all concerned. Hopefully, humanity would then be able to function in a more enlightened way.

If this scenario is followed, all the brave and courageous beings – both those mainly operating in the physical level and those having contracted to bring in the highest spiritual Divine Government – could still feel separate. Those who have known about the secret government for years and years and have been called conspiracy theorists and anti- American would still not be appreciated for the truths that they have brought to light. It could almost be seen as the masses condoning these unthinkable crimes against humanity.

If this route were taken, what about the Akashic Records? Would this four and a half million years of failed history being kept out of the Akashic Records, allow this experiment to happen again? Is that what the Spiritual Hierarchy and Divine Humanity intended? Why haven’t the Akashic Records been more available to humanity?

These are questions that we at the TAO Humor Center asked ourselves for many years. Now that the finish line is imminent, I’m suggesting that we – as humanity – begin to consider the answers that we want.

There are no easy answers to this question and it has certainly never faced humanity before (See the partial handwritten list on this page; Egregious Acts). Certainly the full extent of this list has never been revealed to humanity in its full spiritual impact. We will all need to seek our highest Spiritual Divine Guidance to embrace mutual solutions for all.

This is today’s contemplation. What is the best way for us to integrate,
John 8; verse 32 KJV:

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

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I Heart Jesus