Chapter 28 Day 8 How to Focus


Day 8, Solar North, Adult Male

Tuesday. White Self-Existing Wizard, Kin 134, Crown Chakra

The Solar Medicine Wheel, or Sepheroth, Yesod, is the emotional body. The north is the element air. I also notice today is a Wizard, which is my Galactic Signature’s Guide.

After looking over my meditation notes, I am guided about where I am to focus today. Sometimes my whole day is turned around after I meditate. What I thought I would be doing, isn’t what I am going to do at all. (Remember, this is fairly easy for me, because Rev. Absurd is the President and only member so far of AARPWHNW! that stands for: American Association of Retired People Who Have Never Worked.) Therefore I have much flexible time.

So here we are, 3 days before the Inauguration. Of course, there is a lot of turmoil in the air! Also, today there is the disclosure of a serious attack of one new age leader against another. Apparently this has been going on for a number of years, behind the scenes. This month, there has also been another split in a leading spiritual group.

I am guided to the statement of Einstein, “Problems are never solved at the level in which they were created.” Since we now have been to Keter, and even the Throne Room, we can go there now!!! We know the way! Interestingly on a blog yesterday, was a quote from A Course In Miracles. “Nothing real is ever threatened, Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of GOD.” they said the Truth of God. That works for me, too. Also for the first time, they said, “We are living from the top down!” I had never seen that before. I am very encouraged.

Meditating on the 2 above quotes, brings me to the realization of some more qualities of the New Divine Energy that came in from Keter on December 1, 2016. We have studied the 63 + 1 qualities that came in last month. More have come in this 7th Month. I will mention some of them.

This New Energy completes the 99% God Particles, or Adamintine Particles that Jesus talks about in Glenda Greens Book, “Love Without End”. Jesus says that everything in the physical world is 99% made of these Adamintine, God Particles. I have struggled with how to be 100% made of these. That must be the Transfiguration! I have never felt convinced, even with my good imagination, that I was successful. However, when I got the understanding that this is an “End times” gift, I feel, yes, this is part of our Divine Inheritance from God that all of His/Her Children are promised! I am able to receive this. This gift already is mine. It is just returning to me! This is true with all of God’s children!!! How awesome!

This New Energy is a Template, a Space Holder. I can receive it ALL now, & forever and ever more. It is from the Great Silence, and comes through the the Great Mystery, that the Indigenous Native Americans speak of. This is part of the Mystical Body of Christ that we are beginning to understand now! The living, risen Messiah, Yeshua and Kallah, are a part of all of our bodies, as we are a part of theirs! How awesome!

Last week my esoteric healer and I were putting this new energy on the body. There were several things that were revealed to us.

Laughter is the glue that holds this new energy to this physicality, the physical body.

It is not a prehistoric energy. It is Cosmic.

It is the forming of a Star, A Creation of Light in our Adam/Eve Kadmon Bodies connecting with our physical bodies. This process of light creation in the body is somehow reinforced by noticing it. (Noticing that this creation IS happening.) Laughing encourages its creation. Janet McClure Vywamus in “The Making of the Planetary Logos” Chapter 21 in Laughter  (Note: the last 3% to 4% of our darkness must be removed by laughter!)

This New Energy likes us to imagine the formation of rainbows around our fields. * Going every which way, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, it also likes Winnie the Pooh to give it spoonfuls of honey!!! And it likes us to breathe slowly and gently, just for fun.

This New Energy is omniscient. It is divine intelligence itself. It knows what it needs to do and just does it!

Surprise!!! Part 2, tomorrow, Day 9, see you there!