Chapter 30 Day 15 Return of the Clowns

Day 15, Universal West, Adult Woman, Da’at Sepheroth
Tuesday, 3/21/2017, Red Lunar Earth, Kin 197, Crown Chakra


1-13-92 Clown Carousel

Clown Mouth

9-9-02 Clown Mouth

Today is the return of the clowns, heyokas, tricksters and mimes, all kinds of
Humor artists. Some folks sing: ??
Bring in the clowns, where are the clowns? ? ?

Few people realize that clowns have been run off by corporations, too! When I first started clowning in 1981, hospitals would invite clowns, almost beg us, if we were in wardrobe, and had time for a quick visit, PLEASE drop by. We will know the perfect patients who could be cheered up by you that day!

Well, as time went on, and local hospitals began to be incorporated by non-local Corporations, all the friendly neighborhood warmth began to recede. First was, arrange a visit, don’t just drop in. Next was you have to take the volunteer training, and sign up for a particular day. Then it was you could come with your clown troop, whose clown coordinator had made arrangements for specific times of the month. Next was identification.

The final blow was that you either had to have personal Clown Insurance, or Group Clown Insurance, with your Clown Troop. Well, this caused a lot of heated discussions in the clown meetings. The local malls would not let you clown there without insurance. The idea of getting sued as a clown, loomed very big!!!

It was about balloon safety. No more balloon animals. Kids might choke on them. People might slip on the soap bubbles residue, or with giant bubbles, chase them and not look where they were going, ending up crashing into something. And of course there were only certain clown gifts that you could give out for free. Those should be scrutinized. Also Mylar, oxygen filled balloons are not good for the environment.

This rather took the stuffings out of therapeutic clowning, spontaneous fun, and even street clowning. The idea that clowns should be watched because we may do something we could get sued for, was and is not congruent with clowning. I of course stopped clowning. I was getting older, and we were thinking about moving. That was enough for me to focus on without wondering if I went out to spread joy in the community, I must be careful to not end up with a law suit! Just didn’t fit into my intentions!!!

It was also the time when the Children’s Hospital, in the District of Columbia, had decided to hire some clowns, full time to be on their staff. Wow, some of the very best clowns didn’t get hired. This is a job that requires the utmost of stamina. These clowns were at the morning Doctor’s Staff meeting, being briefed on their particular patients to see, and what kind of humor would work for each child.

For me it seemed this was a step forward for the Art of Clowning. These Hospital Clowns would often come to Clown Conventions, and Clown meetings and share what they were learning in their new jobs. They were very inspiring, gentle, and generous people, loved by other clowns, doctors, nurses and parents.

Historically, Court Jesters have been Truth tellers. Clowns have been symbols of freedom and laughter. The Heyokas in Native American Tribes are often one of three leaders: the Shaman, the Priest, or Holy Man, and the Heyoka. My mentor, Wavy Gravy, was a paid crowd control Clown at Woodstock, and other events during the Flower Children Era. Clowns and their relatives have a huge role in the human journey.

For further reading on the clown types visit my page on clowns.

One more thing: Remember in  “The Making of a Planetary Logos”, by Janet McClure, in Chapter 21, our final 3%-4% of blockages  must be released through laughter!!! And now for Reverend Absurd’s favorite clown joke.

?‍♂️?‍♂️  “If attacked by a Clown Troop, go for the JUGGLER!!!”  ?‍♂️?‍♂️

And to end with, some skits by Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, and Harvey Korman I’ve picked some of my favorites. I watch them many times because they are so in the Present Moment. These three are masters at never getting ahead of themselves. Always really co-creating moment by moment it seems to me. I’m fascinated by them!!! Sort of the Eckhart Tolle of Comedians, I might say.

Fire at Will!

The Pail

The Man without a Green Thumb

The Oldest Man: The Hot Dog Vendor from The Carol Burnett Show