Chapter 10 Reading the Senses of My Body

By election day, Tuesday, November 8th, I had written seven chapters of “There’s an Ark and a Canoe.”  I did not watch the election returns on November 8th.  Starting around 10:00 p.m., I checked in for a few seconds to see if the results were in and checked about every half hour until 12:43 a.m. Mountain Time when Donald Trump’s victory was announced.

I had the most surprising of responses, my shoulders began to relax from being up under my ears.  They got more and more relaxed into a feeling I had forgotten existed.  I spontaneously began to breathe deeply and rhythmically in and out, I felt at peace.  My mind said to me “Surely, you have not let this sink in,” and I went off to bed.  However, when I woke up in the morning, I was more peaceful than ever…relaxed and breathing deeply and smoothly. Remembering the event of the night before, I said to my guidance, “Why do I feel this way?” Never in my wildest dreams did I feel I would be like this if/when either of the two major candidates would win.

My guidance, Jesus, said to me, “You feel relaxed because your body knows that the most evil of the evil energies on the planet have been dismantled and like Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall, these ancient, evil energies cannot ever be put back together again.”  Then He said, “The dark energies that remain can now be removed more easily.” My body one hundred percent understood and sighed a sigh of relief.

Since my training as a clown starting in 1981, I had to learn how to read energies that were surrounding me and maybe trying to interact with me.  These are unseen energies and well-known by all martial arts practitioners; both masters and students. As I have mentioned before, I did this through studying Aikido and Reiki healing among other practices. I needed this because in therapeutic clowning in particular, (which is one person to one person), the reading of energies is much more important than what my mind thinks. November 9, 2016 seemed to me like a surprise graduation for me that my body sensations and my emotions connected with my soul and spirit gave me far more intimate knowledge and spiritual understanding than my mind could. My mind really had to follow the leadership of my senses, heart, feelings, soul and spirit.

Coincidentally, when my husband was in Assisted Living with dementia, there was a CNA named Carl. Carl was over six feet tall and one day when he was in the apartment helping my husband, I discovered that Carl was a martial arts instructor. I had never heard of that particular martial art he described, and I think it was one of the newer forms.  The moves of Offense and Defense were broken down into separate pieces and he explained to me that he had learned and was teaching five of them. One of them was being able to feel if anyone was coming up behind him and he said nobody could do that under any circumstances except his girlfriend whose energy field he knew very well. She could sneak up on him just for fun.

He explained in detail the other four modalities which were very new to me. He told me that Buddha had 70 levels of energies that he could read.  I had never imagined anyone could be that sensitive to multi-dimensional energies and sensing them in their body.  As I wrote in another story, I talked to him about an experience I had had with my Aikido instructor in Washington, DC.

The first example was about when I studied AIKIDO.  In Aikido, you focus on getting and staying in your One Point.  This is a place near your navel that causes you to be in balance and harmony with yourself and your environment. One of my instructors told of an experience he had when he was house sitting. One day, while he was in this unfamiliar house, he could not maintain his One Point. He moved into another bedroom, to no avail, and then another without success. He went downstairs, in the living room, and then into the dining room where he could finally maintain his center. Moments later, a huge tree came crashing through the living room. He was safe because he was constantly in touch with his invisible universal life energy, his KI. Quoted from: Warm hands Warm hearts

He had another take on what he felt my instructor may have experienced.  His take on what may have happened was so advanced that I don’t remember what that was. However when I learn from a Master, I have faith that if I need to understand what he told me, that wisdom will return to me in another form. It was fun to run into someone who had such depth of experience, who  could begin to help me understand these subtle energy experiences.

Having been a student of the Kabbalah, I have been practicing the more simple connections of the body with the elements of Earth, water, air, fire and ether.  Also, in Reiki we needed to feel all these subtle bodies of energy.  So for six days I savored the peace and calm and knowing that my body was responding from the highest spiritual levels.  Then one week after the election, Tuesday, November 15th, I had a difficult day.  That was the first day of the fifth of thirteen months of the lunar calendar of this year. The first day of the month is when I decide on a focus for the next 28 days.

Fortunately, I had an appointment early that Tuesday morning with my spiritual mentor who is a physical therapist and an esoteric healing channel, among other modalities. We were guided to connect many of the energies of the major organs in the body, the major chakras, and the major channels to attempt to maintain the calm I had had for six days.  Since Miri is my main “spokeschild,” she told us the picture she had of how it has to be now. It was a picture she had of my older sister at under five years old.  My sister was outdoors in a peony garden on a little tiny rocking chair with a toy telephone. She had beautiful sparkles in her eyes and  soft brown curly hair.  It was obviously about happy and playful communication and she said this was how the communicating would have to be from now on – playful, joyful and light.  The message came through very strongly to me because for those last six days I had been very peaceful, but also quite serious and she was telling me that will not work.

Miri was saying I must lighten up, and match the good news message our body had received.

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