Chapter 23 Day 10 Yellow Self-existing Star


Today is Thursday, December 22, day 10 of the month. Yellow Self-existing Star. This is the 3rd day of 10 Cosmic Activation Portals. Remember, all your positive loving energies will be especially blessed Cosmically on these days! Third eye. Leave a space for the name of your Galactic West Aspect of this Tiferet Sepheroth. This is the Galactic South. The part of the body is the palms of the hands.

image of quiltThe name of this Southern Aspect of my Galactic Medicine Wheel is Comforter Quilt. She is actually an object, too, a special quilt of mine that reminds me of the “comforter”, another word for the Holy Spirit.

John 14:16

And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide forever with you. KJV.

iiimage of quilt detail

On 3/16/01 Comforter Quilt wrote to me:

I am the glue of the whole matrix. The Cosmic Human DNA really forming in divine majesty. Full of the oneness of emotional ecstatic expression.

I bring safety as a Child Shepherd. When Miri, Source, and Jesus came to our Galactic Medicine Wheel, it was awesome! They brought the original essence of the animals with them. It is so lovely. Just being here with the animals.

Each and every one comes up to me and spends time in me. They talk about their gifts and what they are bringing to the earth. Their enthusiasm about being on earth is rekindled!

I am like a Child Shepherd. HOWEVER, I do not feel heavy responsibility. Each animal is capable of caring for itself. Its own intelligence is sufficient to maintain itself.

I am in the level of the Galactic Medicine Wheel. We were totally squeezed out. No breath could get through. When Beloved Source came here, prana became available and I was able to fully breathe.

I was/am so compassionate about Sources’ shock at what the devastation that has happened here at this level. Since I am the south where humility, surrender and forgiveness dwell, I am able to comfort her, to love and care for her. How precious, how beautiful she is!

Since I know my own worth, I am able to fully embrace her.

Meditations on the New Energy as of December 1st, 2016:

25. It searches out and Heals subconscious and hidden memories.

26. It activated the COSMIC Symbol.

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