Chapter 27 Day 28 White Solar Worldbridger


Today is Monday, January 9th 2017. White Solar Worldbridger. Kin 126. Heart Chakra. This is the day that all of our work for this month is distributed over the whole Kabbalah!!! What a blessing! We have not talked about or numbered the paths yet. Nor have we talked about the 2 new Sepheroth at the bottom of each outer pillar of duality. Also, we have not discussed the reconstructed new Kabbalah that has new paths.

image HolyPinkKabbalah

Holy Pink Kabbalah

I will put some diagrams up for you to see how the New Keter Divine Love from Source, God, Creator, has infused the whole Kabbalah with each of our “Gifts” from this month.

28 WholeKabbalah

28 Whole Pink Kabbalah

Month by month, we increase the Divine Life, Love, Light, Laughter and Liberty available from Source clear through all the dimensions of the Universe, our Soul; the Galaxy, our Minds; the Solar System, our Emotions; and the Planet, our Bodies.

This day, I have jumped ahead to the future, January 9th. Today is actually January 5th, but I have had a terrible problem trying to get this center pillar, #21 through #27 written. I’ve tried everything I know except this!!! After all we are the Foundation for First Fun and Fantasy Folks from the Fantastic Future!!! Our focus is to come from above down, ( Keter to Malkut) and/or from the future to the present!

This may be similar to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s, “Thinking from the Future”. However, this is the Inner Child’s Ascension Path, (ICAP) and thinking is the part of us that must follow our hearts. So actually today, Miri colored the 2 diagrams above, and we’re playing from the future. Our most effective way to do this is fantasy. Out and out imagining, pretending, “playing like!!! Following Einstein’s wisdom, ” The Gift of Fantasy, is more important to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge”. (Sometimes translated as imagination.)

In the Home TAO Humor Center Website I have a section named, “For Children” with my 8 Spiritual Principles for creating fairy-tales and my 2 Grinn’s Fairy Tales,  (Once Upon a Time and Doily Lama ) I demonstrate imagining and how I fantasize solutions. I will go back and read my own work. This will get me into my playful mood, so I can overcome this planets #1 problem, for myself today. Seriously Serious Seriousness!!! This is how I will overcome my block of writing the last 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27 days of this month! We’ll see how it goes! Off to read Miri’s “Grinn’s Fairy Tales!!!

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Day 28 is the day I pick my focus for the next month which will be Month 7. I have picked the focus of : the Transfiguration : I am Ecstasy! I am Passion! I am Bliss!

I want to say, I am not a fan of affirmations. I tend to think for me they push my unresolved emotions even further into my subconscious. I wait and work with positive statements when I know they are now true for me. Then affirmations can manifest when on every level, I know that it is really me. I call that my Gnosis.

For example, my big challenge has been migraine headaches. I worked with spiritual counselors, biofeedback, medical doctors, and on and on. It is not until I really know myself in all dimensions, that I think my affirming and knowing who I am, is working for me. I even one day long ago, actually caught my subconscious self planning when I could have my next migraine. They always lasted 3 days. I was fascinated, and observed very carefully what was happening! I had learned that our subconscious plans these things. I didn’t believe it though, until I actually experienced it for myself! This had no effect on my healing, though. I did not really know myself yet.
So, on to next month! Meditating on:

The Transfiguration:
I Am Ecstasy.  I Am Passion.  I Am Bliss

I discovered another quality of the New Energy from December 1st:

64. This energy can be used individually. One does not have to wait until a certain percentage of humanity has integrated these new gifts. We may finally go ahead and graduate! This is for the old work horses whose hooves have almost turned to glue!!! There’s hope!!!