Chapter 28 Day 2 Hand Positions

1/11/2017 Day 2, Planetary South, Wounded Child Wednesday, Yellow Spectral Star, Kin 128, Root Chakra

Image of the 20 hand positions on the medicine wheel.

20 Hand Positions

This month we are going to be studying the 20 hand positions, and the placement of the 13 points on the Cosmic Spine. Interestingly we will be starting at the crown of the head working down to the feet. We will see that the numbers from 1 to 20 will be coming up from below and coming down from above. They will meet in Tiferet, (always the center) days 9, 10, 11, & 12.

We are putting the Transfiguration and Laying on of Hands together because in this cosmology, the Adam/Eve Kadmon, the original sacred human, the physical body is very important. I believe that when Jesus, demonstrated the Transfiguration to a few of His disciples, He showed us that His physical body is part of the ascension process. We will see if we can understand the importance of the physical body this month and the Transfiguration.

As I’ve mentioned before, many cosmologies are leaving the body out. I do not believe that will work. I want to tell you the beautiful story in Pistis Sophia by JJ Hurtak. I would have read this book just to hear this story, it is so precious. This is a Sophian Gnostic story, and Tau Malachi often refers to this book by verse number in his Gospel of St. Thomas book.

To me, it is extremely difficult reading. Jesus has come back after his Ascension, and is teaching His Disciples and followers about the feminine path. I believe this work must be done, whether we are in a male or female body in this incarnation. This story is in Verse 61 in Book 1. Pistis Sophia page 281-284, JJ Hurtak

“Mary answered and said, ‘My Lord, concerning this word which your power prophesied through David -Grace and Truth have met each other; Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other. Truth itself from the ground will sprout, and Righteousness itself from the heavens will gaze forth – once before your power prophesied this word about yourself.’ Mary, Jesus’ mother, is about to give the teaching of another manifestation of Grace and Truth, bringing forth the unity of the Father and the Son. She, as the Mother of Jesus, can proclaim the appearance of the angelic Light Body which comes to be in unity with the physical manifestation of the Son, for she was the vehicle through which the seed of Truth sprouted upon the Earth. ‘When you were very small, before the Spirit came upon you, you were in a vineyard with Joseph when the Spirit descended from the Height and came to me from my house, looking like you; and I did not recognize it, but thought it was you. And the Spirit said to me, ‘Where is my brother, Jesus that I may approach him?’

“This is an indication that our brothers of the Spirit (as the brotherhoods and sisterhoods) can and will appear to us when we are in the vineyard at the time of harvest.”

‘And when he said this to me, I was perplexed and thought it was a phantasm sent to test me. So I took him and tied him to the foot of the bed in the house; then I went to find you, you and Joseph in the field, and found you there in the vineyard, where Joseph was tying up the vines. It happened, then, when you heard me speaking this to Joseph that you understood my words, and you were happy and said, “Where is he that I may see him or should I wait for him here? And when Joseph heard you speak these words he was surprised and together we went into the house and found the Spirit bound to the bed. And we looked at you and at him and saw he was like you. And he was untied from the bed and he embraced you and kissed you; and you also kissed him and you became one.’ ‘Mother Mary as the quintessence of Virginity relates how Grace and Truth met and the power of Righteousness and Peace kissed each other. This story is a symbolic representation of the Divine Spirit of Grace unified with Christ as a Child who together personify Truth, Peace and the Spirit of Righteousness. As Joseph saw the Spirit and the young Jesus embracing so also can Grace be with us to prepare us for a witnessing of the Holy Spirit from on High. And just as Mary bound the Spirit to the “foot of the bed” i.e. to our Kingdom of Malkuth, so also spiritual parents must assist in the anchoring of the Spirit of Grace to the earth for the Children of Light.”

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