Chapter 24 Day 16 White Planetary Wizard

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Today is Wednesday, December 28, 2016. The 16th day of the month. Kin 114. White Planetary Wizard. The 9th day of 10 Cosmic Activation Portals. Root Chakra. New Moon at 10:55 pm. This aspect of ourself is in the Universal Medicine Wheel, Da’at Sepheroth, North. The Throat is the body part.

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Original Kabbalah

The Throat is a most interesting part of the Kabbalah. Da’at is left blank, without a number. The 11th sepheroth in the original arrangement after the fall is the only sepheroth with no number. It is labeled “Throat-Becoming.” It’s spiritual experience is “Dominion over Darkness”. This is apparently the last ability we will acquire on our journey back home to Keter, the Cosmic Christ Consciousness!!! How appropriate!! This Dominion over Darkness certainly was demonstrated by Lord Jesus when He was on the earth planes.

The Universal west and north, for me, is the place where my twin flames come together. Today, I see the male aspect riding over on the white horse I wrote about as Aspect 11 and 12 in my Galactic Medicine Wheel, Tiferet. Now, in the beginning of 2017, is the time for many of us to complete our integrated self. We have been delayed by an alternative plan that has fallen WAY behind time. The Source of all Life, Mother -Father God, and the Divine Creator have all Stepped in now, and are taking those home, who can speed up the process for all of humanity. How inspiring it will be for those who have wondered if the Ascension was ever going to happen, for those who thought it was a joke, and those who never even thought about the Ascension possibility!!!

Remember, these aspects are our own self. The Beloved from the north now helps his twin flame onto the swift white horse, and they head together back to the north. The Universal north is where all belief that the Divine Feminine is not equal to the Divine Masculine, must dissolve as non truth. Remember, in this cosmology we each have had many lives, both male and female. We must root out any of our own buried beliefs about the subordinate role of women and girls. Women often have these buried beliefs themselves. In order to enter the east gate of Keter, all inferior beliefs about the feminine must dissolve, for men and women, and boys and girls.

Maybe we can look at the animal kingdom. The male sea horse is one of the few earth species in which he bears the unborn. After the male and female sea horses finish courting, the female deposits her eggs inside the male’s pouch. He carries the eggs until they hatch fully formed. It is thought that since forming the eggs takes energy, and then it takes energy to hatch them, the load of having offspring is shared.

It’s reported that the male penguins in the north and south poles also help hatch the egg, and keep the babies warm after birth. There are many more examples in the animal kingdom of Equality of the sexes. This includes kindness, gentleness, and respect in the human family. This downgrading of the feminine is one of the biggest obstacles to returning home as the Divine Human, Adam and Eve Kadmon.

An example of the Final Power being given to women, is in our own country, the United States of America, the Iroquois Peace Confederacy. It is reported in the book, “Sacred Paths” by Jamie Sams, under Council Fire page 192, that the Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson visited this Peace Confederacy and sat in Council with Clan Mothers of the Six Nations. They were inspired by their form of democracy and incorporated some of this wisdom into the United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights.

The Founding Fathers, however, left out the most important part. The women in the Iroquois Peace Federation had the final power! Removal of the male chief! Our Founding Fathers did not even give the women the right to vote!!! Remember the power of some species of insects in the world, for instance the Female praying Mantis after mating, eats the male for dinner. Another example we have is the peacock spider’s Native American fancy dancing to attract his sweetheart. If his lady is not interested at the moment and he gets too close she eats him! Beware! Rev Absurd (my male aspect) does not like this topic so we will end it here! We do however have a link that shows these little creatures’ adorable dances. Tami, my daughter, was fascinated with this little spider, and did a beading project honoring this spider, the video of him dancing is on this page as well.

Here is information on the rights and duties of the clan mothers and women:

The Role of the Clan Mother:

The Peace Maker selected Chiefs and Clan Mothers to represent the clans. The oldest woman of the clan is called the Clan Mother. The clan mother, whose position is hereditary, is responsible for the welfare of the clan. She names all the people of the clan; she holds a position in nominating, installing and removing the male chief, called Hoyaneh, meaning Caretakers of the Peace. She also monitors his actions and counsels the people of her clan. Her job in the past was to arrange marriages, counsel members, select the male candidate for chief, monitor his actions and remove him from office if necessary. The Clan Mother’s title rests within the clan and it is usually passed on to her female relatives, looking first at her eldest sisters, other sisters, then her eldest daughter and other daughters to find the one deemed most appropriate to become the next Clan Mother.

The rights of the women within a clan include the following:

“Descent of blood that determines citizenship.
Possession of official titles for clan mothers, chiefs, faithkeepers, pine tree chiefs and war chiefs.
Own the home and all of the furnishings.
Children belong to her family.
Use of clan lands.
Food distribution
Right to nominate, confirm, and depose male chiefs.
Right to adopt foreigners or prisoners.
Power to forbid brothers and sons from going to war.
Power to grant life or death of prisoners.
Power to maintain the national resources.
Right to burial grounds for sons, brothers, daughters and sons.
(Thanks to this website for this information:

Since the Dakota Pipeline Event on Dec. 4th 2016, we must force the Cabal, the Illuminati, the dark governments of the United States and the whole world to return our governments to their owners , We the People. We are the original Divine Humans. We must demand Divine Universal and Cosmic Government. I believe Cosmic Law was broken WAY back at 9/11. That’s 15 years ago now. At least by the Winter Solstice of 2012, Divine Law, Justice, and Government was promised. Where is it? Now even worse news has surfaced. Pedophile rings high in governments all over the world. Satanic rituals. Human sacrifice. The people’s money stolen. FEMA imprisonment. It’s another WW 2 Holocaust. We humans did NOT do this. The Nephilim, Annunaki, Reptilian, etc. etc. etc. have been given the rights to continue. Apparently because of the “free will experiment”.  Is this what Mother- Father God, Prime Source, Divine Creator intended? Is this their purpose for humanity, to be an experiment? I’m not buying it. I believe the Keter Cosmic Christ God, Source, and Creator are now stepping in! Who understands this? Not me.

My Dad used to have a book named “Who Speaks for Man?” by Norman Cousins, (the man who healed himself through laughter.) I feel we are writing the book, “Who speaks for Humanity?” I for one have fallen in love with us – Humanity. I think we’re awesome! Remember TAO of the Humor Center stands for

Totally Awesome and  Outrageous! … That’s Us!

This #16th aspect of us now goes through the East Gate of Keter tomorrow. We are ready to be our Divine Selves as we follow Yeshua and Kallah Messiah! Hallelujah!!!

The meditations on the New Divine Energy are:

40. “Pistis Sophia” J. J. Hurtok book. The difficulty of the feminine journey   (we must ALL take!).

“>41. Kabbalah Story #33. Dominion over Darkness. Throat Chakra.

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