Chapter 21 Day 2 Yellow Solar Sun

image Medicine Wheel with Kin and tone

Day 2 Wednesday, December 14th 12/14/2016

Today is Wednesday, December 14th, the second day. Day 2 is the Wounded child. It is Yellow Solar Sun, Day 9 in the 13 day wavespell, Kin 100 of 260 days. Notice in Red at the top it says root chakra. Each day of the week is one of seven chakras. Notice they go Crown, Root, Third Eye, 2nd Chakra, Throat, Solar Plexus, and Heart. At the top of the notes for today, leave a blank until your Wounded Child tells you her name. Then put:  Planetary South   The part of the body is:  Heels, left and right feet. Today, I’m meditating on verse 58 in Thomas, and Day 58 in J. J. Hurtok, along with the daily glyph and rhythm of day 2 this month. This wounded aspect of myself, actually introduced herself to me through left handed drawing, the twins, 9-4-91.

So even though I met my Divine Child on 5/3/87, my wounded child did not come forth until 4 years later. It isn’t until 3/16/01 that I have an entry. My wounded child’s name is Black Cloud. Among other things she wrote on that day:

I AM the FOUNDATION for the whole Cosmic Matrix being here in the physical. Also, for the Inner Child Ascension Path taking ALL physical aspects home! 100% Ascension. All the way to Source!!! I AM the KEY to your mission. I love you.


The Wounded Child has four necessary qualities.

  1. Emotional honesty: She will really let me know how she feels (good or bad) and will not stuff her feelings.
  2. Discernment: We have learned how to go back to the original intelligence my child came in with – being able to read energy and know what is really going on, not able to be fooled.
  3. Courage: The wounded child is the aspect of me that had the courage to incarnate in order to accomplish her mission.
  4. Humor: as long as I remain in a body, the wounded child is the one who creates the healing balms of humor.

I am meditating on the New Energy today:

3. Direct from Prime Source, Mother-Father God, Prime Creator

4. Enters through breath, breathing

5. Throne Room, Crystalline Core,  Continuum (connects duality, the left and right pillars of the Kabbalah)

 Meeting aspects of Myself

090491 Meeting aspects of myself

090491 Meeting aspects of myself

This is how my wounded child actually became known to me. I was called Little Miri Sunshine when I was a child, and I knew I had an unhappy child inside, too. By drawing this picture and dialoguing with it, I learned a lot about my hidden child self. At first my wounded child said, “My name is Cloud,” then there was a very long pause and she said, “Black Cloud.” I had to let that sink in. On 9-11-91, I went back in and added the rubber stamping. I often added to a picture, but I made sure I got into the consciousness I had been in at the time I created the drawing. This keeps the picture unified and consistent in its expression.


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