Chapter 22 Day 8 White Lunar Worldbridger


Today is Tuesday, December 20th, the 8th day of the month. White Lunar Worldbridger. KIN 106. Crown Chakra. This is the 2nd day of the 13 day Wavespell. Leave a space for the name of your Solar North Aspect of this Yesod Sepheroth which are the emotional aspects of ourself. This is Solar North, the part of the body is the solar plexus. Notice that today is the first of ten Cosmic Activation Portals. After January 6, of 2012, these Activation Portals became Cosmic because Keter and Da’at frequencies could then pass through from above. Up until January 6, of 2012, these portals were Galactic Activation Portals.

The 8th Solar North Aspect of mine is named Sliver. This is another clown my husband brought for me from Europe. On 3/5/01, Sliver wrote to me.

You probably wonder why I look so effeminate! Why isn’t HO! in the North? You never could tell if I was male or female! This is to support the transformation of dualities at this Solar Kachina level, to represent the strength of success of the intuitive, fragile, great mystery aspects of us.

These aspects are totally unacknowledged and unrecognized in the earth reality, so we have made them VERY strong for you!

I am the dimension of time, everything appears backwards, upside down, and inside out from this view. Einstein tried to explain this to the rational mind. Best to Let Go! Be in the present, Do What Makes You Happy! I will help you know, just ask me!

This is my job for you. I am your caddy. You wanted a caddy. That’s me, Sliver. Just ask; “How Will I Be Happy?” I will answer. We are a great team. HO!, my West Aspect, and I have a joke together. We greet each other saying, Hi, HO!, Sliver. She, however otherwise, just wants to be called HO!.


These are the meditations on the New Energy today:

20. This is sacred geometry, the tube torus diagram in kabbalah sister website.

21. This energy has never before been in this Omniverse. It is a new substance.

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