Chapter 26 Day 21 Blue Lunar Storm


Today is Monday, January 2, 2017. Day 21 of this month. Blue Lunar Storm. Kin 119. Heart Chakra.

Day 21 is the most important day of this month, because we will be bringing down from Keter to earth, for the first time since the fall of man, your divine gifts. These are the beginnings of the gifts that each person has individually brought. Without you, me, and each of us individually, these particular gifts would not have been brought to planet earth. That’s how important each of us is. We are encouraging our brothers and sisters to each bring their gifts from on high, also.

image of Birth Of Illumination

Birth Of Illumination

This diagram of the wounded and divine aspects of us coming together, in the south east is in the wounded child work.

Now that we have landed again on the shores of Malkut, we see the old Ark of Noah, still stuck on the ground. Also, the Divine Canoe which originally brought us down from Keter, is here.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar Read More….

Now while we go up the center of all the Sepheroth, or Medicine wheels, 21, 22, 23, and 24, we will be drawing the gifts we discovered around the east, south, west, and north into the center, so they integrate with the Divine. This way, from the center, we can take them all the way to Keter 25 and then to the Throne Room 26.

img Keter in Pink

Keter in Pink

The pink in this diagram is all equally the highest Spiritual energies of Keter. Holy Spirit, God Particles, and the New Energy that came in December 1st, that we are still integrating. Notice that the very center of the lower 4 sepheroth are of the highest frequencies of Divine Love, as are the Crystalline Core, the Throne Room, and Keter Itself. As we connect the frequencies and move them into the center, they become 100% pure also.

The Planetary Medicine Wheel, or Malkut is day 21. We will bring our new work from this Sixth Month from the Divine in the East and the Wounded in the South to the Southeast, where they meet and together they will move towards the Center of the Planetary Medicine Wheel.

I go back in my notes of this month, and I notice that a huge thing happened on the 12th day, December 24th. My little boy Aspect who had been coming in, DID! I now know that he came in the east, and now Miri and Willie, walked into the center of Malkut.

Play Therapy

9-1-89 Dancing under Black Cloud

“I have been working on the ability to live in ecstasy without allowing myself or others to destroy the ecstasy. Willy seems to be working on this already. He was able to bring some specific humor in, at a time I was focusing on something I didn’t like. He saw a very humorous aspect of it playing out, and got me to laugh. In fact I kept laughing because it really amused me! I suspected Willy had something to do with it. He said, “Yes, I Can find silly or funny aspects of fears, and scare the fears away. And my full name is Silly Willy! The silliness dissolves the black cloud. This is my gift to you.”I am very grateful for my new friend. I’ve been working on this challenge for a long time!”

Continuing on….
I know this because together, they were able to remove the black cloud that had been hanging over me.

So this would be my work for today, day 21, the center of Malkut. I am so appreciative for this Divine addition of my Eve Kadmon Self, for as I add last pieces of myself, my completing Cosmic Self becomes more complete.

The meditations today are:

50. This new energy is Pre Genesis 1. Before the male and female spirits were separate. Procreation. It crosses the invisible line: visible/invisible; space/energy;

51. Creative life energy, Dabhar (Hebrew for creative life energy).

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This is a Bounce down from the Read More on the picture of the Middle Pillar above. — A quote from Chapter 3 Buried Memories:
Okay, are you with us? By “us,” I mean Miri, Miriam and (Gone Fishing) and Reverend Absurd. Now we have the map, Kabbalah, we are journeying on. We’re mainly on the Middle Pillar of 5 Medicine Circles or Sepheroth stacked on top of each other, the 5 Trees of Life creating the complete Tree of Life.

At the top of these circles is now a beautiful heavenly canoe ready to bring our divine children down here to us, our ground crew. Yes, even our ego, the embodied part of us who had the courage to come here in the first place. She is the linchpin in this story. The linchpin that holds all other aspects of us together.

Having been a white water canoeist for a large part of my adult life, I’m well aware of the dangers in canoeing. So, I look up at the canoe above Mt. Jefferson and see Miri sitting in the middle of the canoe. She has asked for Lord Jesus to be at the stern and for Lady Mary to be at the bow. Also, Archangel Metatron is hovering over them in the canoe. By now, you must realize, if you’re going on a journey with Miri, Lord Jesus and Lady Mary will be present! This IS the whole point of our journey! Journeying with the Highest.

Down, down, spiraling down through the five Sepheroth with Jesus at the stern, Lady Mary at the bow, we arrive safely at the eastern gate of Malkut. (See image above.)

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