Chapter 26 Day 23 Red Self-Existing Dragon


Today is Wednesday, January 4th, Day 23. Kin 121. Red Self-existing Dragon. Root chakra. This is the center of Our Galactic Medicine Wheel. Tiferet. Our Mental Body. We are continuing up the 13 points of our Cosmic Spine.

These diagrams demonstrate that by moving 4 Sepheroth from the Kabbalah out to make 4 of the 6 arms of the Star one is able to transform the Merkabah into the Kabbalah easily. Please note that Tiffert is always in the center.

Meditations on The New Divine Energy:

54. Paul taught Resurrection of the body. Jesus taught resurrection of the soul. “Urantia Book” and “Disappearance of the Universe”.

55. Only in Keter & Da’at no duality.

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