Chapter 6 Listening

It occurred to me in the middle of last night that our wounded child needed to get out of the ark and get into the canoe! She seems to have been waiting – grounded until the Ark holding her twin, the Divine Child appears!

image of TriadThere’s something about the triad of Adult, Male, and Mind that reminds me of the old world. After about 3+ years,  after birth, the gift we brought as a child and our way to communicate with the highest, seemed to fade away into the forgotten. The triad of the Child, the Feminine, and our Emotions seem to represent the holy messengers in front of us. All aspects of us are important, and yet the parts of us that seem to be stuck, are ready to be embraced and lifted.

The Art of Listening is key at this point. We are not on our own now. We have the Highest of All, in my mind, to lead, and teach, and inspire us. 42 years ago, I knew after my near death experience, that my 1st assignment was to learn to hear my guidance, so that I was sure. I knew I needed to hear things I didn’t want to hear – like certain assignments, and things I didn’t expect to hear – like being asked to become a clown!

There were 2 times that I assumed I knew what my guidance wanted, and I went out to participate with others. One time, I couldn’t even get out the door! My head was splitting. I called my friend and she didn’t feel any better! I remember that I had NOT asked! So, I sat down and asked. My guidance said “We are so glad you asked!” Two things: His voice was ever so slightly sarcastic, but being a clown, Jesus and I had a very honest and humorous relationship. The 2nd thing was “WE”. I knew immediately that this was a big assignment and Jesus was the spokesperson. It turned out they wanted this done in 4 sections – a week apart! This was the clearing of a dark energy building in Washington D.C. Everything went fine when we followed instructions.

The second time, a friend of mine and I decided that the field near his apartment house needed to be cleared. We did not ask! It seemed like a simple thing! We had done many of these, but we had been asked to do the assignment. We had not been in the field more than 15 min, when we began to feel in many ways that something was wrong! We headed back to his apartment, and just barely dragged ourselves in! We drank water and had cold fruit. It took a couple of hours to recover! I learned that I didn’t need to know what or how something wasn’t right. Just to get out of there and to be sure I had been asked to go!

An aside to this story is, when I walked in my door later that afternoon, the phone was ringing! I answered it and one of my friends in my group said, “Miriam, where have you been? Around noon, Jesus said to me “I want you to pray for Miriam!” She started praying and Jesus said, “I mean REALLY PRAY FOR HER!” So she upped it to high gear!!! Well, I had to tell her where I had been.

I learned a lot from that one, mainly, that if I am not paying attention to what I’m doing, I can cause friends, and even probably prayer workers I don’t even know, to stop and pray for me, when they could need to be praying for someone else.

I have learned also, that when I’m asked to do something by my guidance, God will be working through me/us and He/She will accomplish what’s needed. Like Joshua and the Walls of Jericho, God gave explicit instructions to cause the walls to fall down. Also, I realized that Jesus at the pool of Bethesda, was given explicit instructions for certain people and that was often the case. It didn’t appear that He was deciding what miracles to do and HOW they should be done. He seemed to be in constant communication with His Father.

Assignments come – long or short – usually out of the blue. In the spring of 1985 I was meditating up in the loft. Suddenly I heard Jesus say, “I want you to go into my church!” I answered “which church?” He said, ” I have only one church.” I asked “Where, specifically, do you want me to enter?” His answer was, “Where they do obvious laying on of hands.” I replied, “That’s your Fundamental Charismatic Christian Church”.  Jesus said “Yes” .  My answer was, “But my husband is Jewish. I’ll be crucified!” He said “Remember, before they hated you, they hated me. GO!”

I couldn’t even say that I understood Jesus’ last statement to me, but I knew that was the end of His instructions. I was given until the day after Labor Day to enter the branches of the Charismatic Church.

My path has taken me into all kinds of Spiritual Systems and Teachings. Each one has been very unique, but looking back they all connected into a common teaching and experience. As long as the focus is Divine Spiritual Love and Divine Human Love, it is on track for me. I always ask Jesus to be the messenger and guide for my specific journey and He responds.

I am into 42 years journeying and am now an elder. Of the command Jesus gave us, “Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself”. I find loving myself as the hardest thing to do. When I got into Sophian Gnosticism, they have a name “Divine Pride” that goes with “Divine Humility”. The teaching is that to approach GOD, you must know you are a worthy child of HIS/HERS. Approaching HIM/HER as a sinner will not work! I even feel I adore Jesus. Adoration is to me a frequency in my field that allows me to relate to HIM. As I have met the different aspects of myself over the years, I have fallen in love with my embodied wounded self.  In loving my wounded self I am able to feel great love and admiration for humanity. The more I learn about what has been permitted to happen to the human race, the more protective and proud I am of us as the ground crew.

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