Chapter 2 Miri ~ My Divine Child

As I have written in other articles, I had a near-death experience in December of 1974. The first 6-plus years I spent in Spiritual Metaphysics and learning laying-on of the hands healing, Reiki.

The second 6-years I had been asked by my guidance to become a clown. I had spent these years learning the healing qualities of laughter, humor, and playfulness.

On May 3, 1987 a few months before the Harmonic Convergence of August 16, 17 and 18, my Divine Child, Miri had come into my consciousness and I had started my discovery of the Inner Child Ascension Path or (ICAP) as Miri calls it.

It was May 3, 1987, and I, Rev. Absurd, had been asked to go to Cornerstone Christian Center. I was given specifics by Jesus, and off we went. I was welcomed jubilantly by the pastors and congregation, and even offered communion. The realization of HOLY joy, HOLY humor, HOLY fun was experienced by all.

I was asked to go to the Sunday School Classes and when I worked myself down to the 2-5 year olds, I had a profound thing happen. In the midst of a prayer circle created by the children – while a little girl named Emerald was praying for me, Miri Silver Cloud was born! It was a clear profound life-changing event.

When I got home, I asked Jesus, who is this child – who is now within me? He said, “Why, this is your Divine Child – 3 year old MIRI!!!” Miri easily embraced her wounded child Black Cloud, and the two merged into Miri Silver Cloud at once.

(This is an excerpt from Miri’s Starry)

Kabbalah with Paths

Kabbalah with Paths

By then, I was creating a huge Kabbalah garden with paths on our one-third acre property TAO Humor Center. All the 13 Sepheroth were in place, and I was pulling out ivy to create the paths. My guidance, Jesus, was teaching me the Kabbalah and I was learning about our multi-dimensional selves. I had learned much about our many “bodies” that make up our Adam-Eve Kadmon bodies or our original, divinely created selves as described in Genesis I before the fall of man.

Through these 13 years, I had learned about what is called the HIGHER SELF. This is a part of us that dwells in the Ascended Master realm. Many students saw these aspects as the highest known, and were always trying to live up to their standards.

I, however, was becoming very frustrated. From what I had learned, this aspect of myself had the power, intelligence, and I AM presence to heal myself and others, teach me sacred mysteries, help me succeed in my spiritual mission, remove barriers, create abundance of all good things, and on and on and on. However, this HIGHER SELF seemed to enjoy “lording it over me”, my embodied self, my mind and my emotions. This was not okay with me, as I inherently knew that Jesus had all aspects of Himself, divinely aligned and ordered from above, and we were supposed to follow Him… but, how?

Jesus answered! “We can bring your Divine Child down from the highest Sepheroth-Keter. She has dominion over your lower dimensional self, even your higher self. You have a highest self-your Eve-Kadmon.” (See Kabbalah image above)

He pointed at my drawing of the Kabbalah. Starting at the south of the top Sephorath or Medicine Wheel, He moved His finger over to the east to pick up the Holy Spirit and then spiraled down to the Universal Medicine Wheel or DA’AT, down through the Galactic Medicine Wheel or TIFERET, down through the Solar Medicine Wheel or YESOD, finally coming in the east gate, the Great Spirit gate of the Planetary Medicine Wheel or MALKUT. (See Kabbalah image above)

My Divine Child was now delivered to earth through the east gate! Now I was to learn to merge her with my Wounded Child. I didn’t really know I had a Divine Child until I had done some exercises with her. I didn’t realize that with the map of the Kabbalah, I could actually begin to know who she is and how to merge with her.

In order to understand the sacredness of the wounded child, you must know that you have also within your heart a holy spark of God your Divine Child.


Inner Child’s Path

Imagine a circle at the bottom (South); your wounded child (WC) is walking north towards the center, and from the East right side your Divine Child (DC) is walking west into the center. The goal is for the two of them to meet and merge together into the Inner Child, “The child you must become in order to enter the kingdom of heaven,” according to Jesus.

In every childhood wound there is a gift of light that has been covered up by the pain and the suffering surrounding it. So deeply buried is that spark that the wounded child tries to rid herself of it, burying it deeper and deeper in her subconscious hoping it will go away. Focusing on happier and more enjoyable activities is one solution. The problem is this buried gift or gifts are what she came to bring to earth, and it will in one form make itself known, maybe in unhappy ways until she decides to find it.

This is how and why I came to realize for myself that I was on the inner child’s path to enlightenment. The inner child accesses the child, emotion, and the Feminine Playfulness. The inner adult accesses the adult, mind, and male parts of us – the serious side. They both are important, and yet as your inner child heals your adult will. But the other way around can take long (and be less fun!)

The Wounded Child has four necessary qualities.

  1. Emotional honesty: She will really let me know how she feels (good or bad) and will not stuff her feelings.
  2. Discernment: We have learned how to go back to the original intelligence my child came in with – being able to read energy and know what is really going on, not able to be fooled.
  3. Courage: The wounded child is the aspect of me that had the courage to incarnate in order to accomplish her mission.
  4. Humor: as long as I remain in a body, the wounded child is the one who creates the healing balms of humor.

(This is an excerpt from The Gift of the Wounded Child)

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