Chapter 22 Day 7 Red Magnetic Serpent


Today is Monday, December 19, the 7 th day of the month. Red Magnetic Serpent. Kin 105. Heart Chakra. This is day 1 of the 13 day wavespell. If we were working the wavespell, we would each have picked a subject to make progress on. Leave a space for the name of your Solar West Aspect. The belly, below the naval is the part of the body.  I have an actual paper mache clown my husband brought me from Mexico, named Ho! The name of my Solar West aspect.

3/5/01 Ho! Wrote to me.

I am mystical woman. Yet because I am a Katchina, I look humorous, sturdy, strong, everything except frail and fragile. Yet I Am the one in which fragility and frailty transmute INTO COSMIC strength and power. Paradoxes fuse into wholeness in my very being. This is where it happens. This is the happening place!

Just think about it! I am the epitome of the humor of duality. Now, today, 3/5/2001, I have fused all duality into COSMIC wholeness. Know me, know yourself, and you will understand Black Elk putting the entrance of the “Sweat Lodges” in the WEST. He knew the power of the IN clusiveness of the feminine and that all birth comes from the feminine, all creation comes from the feminine.

Look at my belly! Look how full I.Am. I even hold the COSMOS in my belly. You already knew that. How funny it is we are the humor and laughter, joy and hilarity of the COSMOS!
We are now here!!!
We are no where!!! (Too)

These are my meditations for today:

16. Unites the heart and mind, restores the heart leading the mind.

17. Unites the adult and child

18. Unites the inner and the outer

19. Unites the wounded and the divine

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