Chapter 25 Day 18 Yellow Crystal Warrior

image day 1812/30/2016

Today is Friday, December 30, day 18, Yellow Cosmic Warrior, Kin 116, 2nd Chakra. This is the Cosmic South of Keter, the Cosmic Medicine Wheel. The body parts are the ears. The element of the South is the Earth.

Miri calls this southern origin of hers, the Land of Milk and Honey. This is her home, and she has co-created what she calls a velveteen landscape. It has grown through the years. It started with velveteen trees, and there is a little brook close to the trees. The trees are spaced around the brook so plenty of sunlight gets through even as they  grow. Of course the trees look and feel like velvet. And all the rest of the landscape is as soft. The brook has pretty rocks that frogs sit on, and reeds, cattails, and ferns of ALL kinds on the banks. There are little orange fish with big smiles, that jump out of the brook just for fun! Farther back from the banks of the brook, are beautiful flowers of all colors. If there is a color you can’t find, one will manifest for you immediately just magically! Everyone gets to have their favorite flowers and colors here, in the Land of Milk and Honey.

This is, of course where the Velveteen Rabbit was born and originated before she made her trip down to planet earth. There are bunnies, squirrels, hedgehogs, chipmunks, and small animals near the water. Of course everyone is safe and friendly! The larger animals are a little farther away in the forest, but they all come to the brook to drink. And birds of every kind! Exotic birds that have not come to earth yet, but they are on their way!

Miri is a healer, and she has set up special lounge chairs for people to rest in while they are being healed. As you can imagine, just being here is healing! However, the best of the healers often bring people here, because anyone is invited. It is magical, because many people can be here at once, and yet you are still alone with your privacy! On special occasions, St. Germaine serves his special Elixir, and of course people are instantly healed! Master Hilarious adds his emerald green and his hilarity for healing through fun and laughter. This is how we discovered he is the Patron Saint of the TAO Humor Center. Miri first met him in this Velveteen Landscape! One more being, Sanat Kumara’s daughter, Meta, is the coordinator of this Healing Space. She is one of the best healers in the Cosmos, and she keeps everything loving and beautiful here!

Well, we got carried away introducing you to Miri’s birthplace, but we hope you enjoyed it! You of course are invited here anytime you wish! It has a lot of magic like Raggedy Ann & Andy’s magical forest. Remember this story?

Today’s meditations on the New Energy from December 1st, 2016.

44. What it is that keeps Darkness from entering Keter and Da’at EVER!

45. What my Sister web was going to be: write starries as though the “fall” never happened, and that humanity was allowed to expand perfection with nothing to overcome! (We did not attempt this because it seemed it was too difficult for people to even imagine a reality like that!).

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