Chapter 28 Day 9 Building My Vision


Day 9, Galactic East, Divine Child

Wednesday, Blue Overtone Eagle, Kin 135, Root Chakra


2-19-93 Eagle

The Galactic Medicine Wheel, or Tiferet Sepheroth, is the Mental Body. The element is Fire. This is a surprise! I didn’t know I was going to finish my Solution, today, as part 2 of yesterday! * Also, my 9th aspect is the spotted eagle, and here we have another Eagle, the blue Overtone Eagle. These synchronicities are very significant to me. Often they are a confirmation that I am on the right track!

Continuing from yesterday, January 17, 2017, Day 8.

My solution:
I have just reviewed my experiences of yesterday. The energies in the outer world that I am focusing on are:

  1. The inauguration chaos as a serious symptom of the fact that we the people do not govern our own government yet. We didn’t even pick our own candidates. This is a long term truth that is being finally resolved, I believe.
  2. The next 2 problems are about spiritual leaders, visionaries, people that could be helping solve the huge problems between people. Instead they are having these issues to solve themselves. It seems like a time out for us adults to get ourselves together.

When I ask my guidance what I need to do, the answer is to go to the highest level, Keter, and work from there. One of the principles my guidance has shown me how to use, is the understanding that we, the ground crew, have a very important role. The spiritual Hierarchy can take any action we do, and how we do it, use it from on high, and exponentially magnify it. Though it may seem small in our life, it can be used for huge actions and divine justice to correct huge problems here on earth, when magnified and used from the Higher Realms.

Maybe it’s because I’m a clown, that I have an easy relationship with The Spiritual Hierarchy, or maybe it’s Miri, but I just talk to the Masters. I feel that’s the way it was originally. Enoch walked with God in the Garden of Eden, and we are returning to our original state! We are imagining we never left! How do we imagine that it is? Now?

So, after reviewing the notes on the new energy, my answer for today is, “Go into building your vision!”  My vision is a Cosmic TAO Humor Center.

My guidance asked me to be a clown in 1981. I was guided to start the TAO Humor Center in 1983, and my Spiritual Focuses have been on Humor, the inner child, healing, and the Sophian Gnostic Christianity including the Kabbalah. As I mentioned we were located between the Pentagon and the CIA on the Virginia side of the Potomac River. In 2005, I began to downsize for our move to Denver. We would have an apartment with a lot less room! It would turn out that I mainly wrote stories about the Humor Center in a writers group here.

I had however, made maps and drawings of an arts and healing center I would like to create including all the arts of clowning. I have written in the writers group, this vision, under the topic “If I Had A Pot of Gold” I have several versions of the layouts and buildings and many details.

Then in the late summer of 2014, I was asked to create a virtual TAO Humor Center. I knew of a web master, and we started working on this Website on September 11, 2014. As more and more interest in the Ascension of Humanity and all life on Planet earth becomes more the focus of the Spiritual Groups here, I have been focusing on my vision.

So, when I got my answer today, on how to do my part to heal the huge problems appearing on earth, I was glad that my answer was, “Focus on My Vision”.  More and more visionaries are focusing on what they will build in order to help bring Heaven on to Earth. So much is needed that all of them are important, and I believe it helps the collective unconscious of humanity to build what we want instead of fighting against what we don’t want.

I had a dream about a month ago that seemed very real. I was in a forest. The trees were Northern evergreens, and deciduous trees of the Midwest. There were beautiful lake shores, and crisp air. I was noticing roads were started, connecting clearings in groves of trees. Buildings were framed in, just at the beginning of construction.

All of a sudden my dad was there. He was a builder, and a visionary. He had on his maroon shirt, grey pants, and his slippers. He was smiling and glad to see me! I suddenly knew what he was building! It is my Humor Center in the boundary lakes just below Canada. He used to go fishing up there with friends about once a year, and he seemed very at home.

He began to give me a tour of all the buildings I had sketched in my drawings. Every kind of music space, all the visual arts, studios, practice rooms, auditoriums, a camp for the children for crafts and music, and water sports. On and on.
My dad had framed in a little natural healing building that I had not even thought of! For some reason, that surprise seemed to wake me up, and I truly felt my experience was lucid dreaming and is real.

(I am very interested in helping Patch Adams get his hospital going in West Virginia.)

My son was over Sunday for lunch. I told him about my dream about his grandpa, and we talked about what he would build if he had a pot of gold. This kind of sharing and visioning are real in my experience. I just keep on building. I can see the Humor Center in the ethers like the ascended masters temples all over the world. Why not? Of course we’ve asked Master Hilarious to be our Patron Saint if he has the time! I also showed my son the little story about he and I in the love play chapter. For me all of these experiences are building our Golden Age, and are where I choose to put my attention and intention.

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