The TAO Humor Center was founded in 1982 as a place to stamp out this planet’s number one problem: Seriously Serious Seriousness. T.A.O. stands for Totally Awesome and Outrageous! Now (as of September 11, 2014) it has been transformed into a Virtual Center, to joyfully share our history, wisdom and ongoing playfulness through these websites! This is the First of Six sites – each one focusing on the deeper meanings of humor, and beautiful life experiences!

The center is a place to experience childlike playfulness in a safe environment; exploring what Jesus meant when he said “… you must become as a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven” Matt 18:3.

Rev. CC Absurd (AKA Miriam Wilson) is the facilitator of the center. Since Miriam’s near death experience in 1974, and her guidance asked her to become a clown in 1981, her main focus has been to help co-create the inner child’s ascension path. Her objective has been to assist the wounded child in the adult to receive his/her gifts. She believes that joy, laughter, and play facilitate the remembrance of our beautiful divine selves, helping us to fall in love with ourselves and each other.

Until 2008, the center was in the original diamond of Washington DC between the Pentagon and the CIA as the crow flies. Does God have a sense of Humor?

Currently we are in Denver, Colorado, looking for a new place on Jackass Hill. (This is a real location along with Jackass Park in Littleton, CO.) Rev. Absurd is the Founder and President of AARPWHNW (American Association of Retired Persons Who Have Never Worked). She is also auditioning people for a Laughing Chorus and a KAZOO Symphony Orchestra. Authoring a Book, “You CAN Make Wine out of Raisins” is also on her list of now projects!

This website is to help others:

  1. Create and play with the activities we have done, (through tutorials, how to do.)
  2. Share our personal experiences with the activities
  3. Share galleries of past fun and fantasy
  4. Create a network of fun and fantasy folks from the fantastic future

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