Secret Heroes

For me, the best kept secret would be that our hearts are our heroes.  It has long been taught that our minds are most powerful.  However, there is now much scientific evidence that the doughnut♡shaped TORUS field of energy that surrounds the heart and extends five to eight inches in diameter, is more powerful and responds more quickly than thoughts when this field is in resonance with mind, body and emotions.

I was in a group in the Washington, D.C. area that studied the works from the Institute of Heart Math formed in 1991.  We practiced being in heart♡coherence through attention of feeling and remembering how appreciation felt through our heart♡center.  We were supposed to pick a memory of our most powerful experience of appreciation, put our hands on our hearts, and breathe slowly.  Heart ♡ coherence overrides fear, anger, grief, etc., because opposite emotions cannot exist at the same time and positive emotions are more powerful than negative ones.

The Institute of Heart Math’s research discovered that appreciation was the quickest and easiest positive emotion to get you into heart resonance.  There was computer software that we practiced on, also.  These exercises showed us whether we were in heart♡coherence, and also how deeply.  You put two fingers on your left hand into a devise that would calibrate your heart ♡ field, which meant your body, emotions, and mind were all in alignment, or coherence.

The first exercise was a hot air balloon which was supposed to go over a mountain top and land on the other side. Well, the first time I tried it, the balloon just sat there; it wouldn’t budge.  I began to panic, because I knew everyone would ask me how I did!  Of course I got more and more tense!  After a few minutes, I realized I wasn’t breathing!  I readjusted myself, relaxed, and started over.  Slowly, the balloon began to rise, and rise, and rise.

Another exercise was a forest in grey and when your heart was coherent, little colored flowers would appear with green ferns and green leaves. Then a little bunny would appear as I remained focused on creatures.  If you got deeply into heart ♡ coherence a deer would appear, but I was never able to accomplish that.

In another group I was in, someone had very elaborate software from another company.  It had fairyland and fantasy pictures with golden swords and crowns and rings and all kinds of magical things, like Merlin.  It had many levels of achieving heart ♡ coherence, but I pretty much remained a beginner.

What is interesting to me is that this is scientific information!  Our minds should be interested in the information science is revealing about the power of our hearts and emotions.  Even our Federal Government has awarded grants to schools to use the Institute of Heart♡Math techniques and software to create more peace, cooperation, and a good atmosphere for learning.  Our Hearts are our HEROES and can keep us out of fear!  I wonder why that’s kept a secret. ♡