As a little girl, I didn’t like parades, circuses, crowds of people, or clowns.  In fact, after I’d been to a few circuses and parades, I didn’t have to go anymore.  circusTentHowever, my Dad took me to see the elephants unloading the circus tents and poles. 


Elephants helped put up the Circus tents.

The elephants would come off the train first and drag the tent and poles to the Fair grounds right next to the railroad tracks.  They were hard workers, and it was fascinating to watch the huge tent go up in a short time.  Then a couple of days later my Dad and I would get up at sunrise again, and watch the elephants take down the tent and pack it up on the train to leave til the next year.

Fast forward to 1974 when I had a near death experience.  As a result, I knew I HAD to learn to hear my inner guidance.  It took a couple years to learn.  And thus it was, later in the spring of 1981, I was jumping on a little trampoline.  I heard my inner guidance say, I want you to become a clown.  Well, I almost fell of the trampoline, and then I said, “What? Are you sure you have the right person? Don’t you remember? I don’t even LIKE clowns!”  Then for good measure I said, “Besides, where would I take clowning?”  I said to myself, “WOW I must really have heard that wrong!”  And I continued on with my day after convincing myself that I had made a BIG mistake in my hearing.

Clowning with Professor Eternal!

Clowning with Professor Eternal!

However, the very next day I received in the mail a brochure from the Omega Institute. I opened it up and it said, “Two weeks of Clowning in Bennington, Vermont!”  My conversation of the day before came FLOODING back to me!  “Oh no!” I said, “I should never have asked where I’d take clowning if I didn’t really want to know!”  Well, I knew I had been cornered, so I basically sat down and wrote the check.  And so it was that, for better or for worse, I was going to study clowning!

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