Examples of Techniques

Example #1. Left hand drawing, The Flicker, Prayer

062789 The Flicker, Prayer

The Flicker, Prayer

A beautiful Flicker flew into our window and fell to the patio. He was stunned and lay there blinking. At first, I sent healing energy from my hands, but I found that I could not imagine him healing, so I got my drawing supplies and drew the bird as happy, healthy, and upright.

Miri drew food and water for him, and also gave him healing rays. His mate was nearby in the rock garden, inconsolably chirping loudly. In a little while, he was able to stand up. Later he was able to make it a few yards to the rock garden with his mate. I would check on them periodically, and he was hopping around and getting stronger. Eventually, they were able to fly off together. I was so grateful.

This is an excellent prayer method because it focuses on the positive result desired when it’s hard to believe there will be a positive result. To see more Left handed Drawings as Prayers see this Prayer Gallery.


08389 Dragon FEAR

Dragon ~ FEAR

Example #2. Drawing a cartoon. Ways of using left hand drawing.
Drawing a cartoon-like humorous drawing of something bothering you. In this picture I allowed my left hand to draw a friendly version of my fear of playing and of being myself.

Sometimes a fun picture allows you to dialogue with a problem, and makes it more accessible to finding out important qualities and characteristics, building relationships between you and the problem.


061696 Getting negative energy out before left hand drawing

Getting negative energy out before left hand drawing.

Example #3. Ways of using left hand drawing. Getting negative energy out before left hand drawing.

This drawing of negative energy can be done with either hand, whichever hand feels right, or both. Scribble as it feels appropriate. It’s amazing how this can reduce frustration and make a clearer space in which to do your positive left hand drawing.

Don’t keep this drawing. Respectfully discard it in someway. This is the only one I kept for an example in my groups.


092889  My Body

My Body – Right hand

Example #4. My Body, Right hand, Left Hand.

092889 Left Hand

Left Hand Drawing

Here is the example of how I discovered how differently I feel about and perceive myself as I draw from my right hand/left brain or left hand/right brain.

This difference is so amazing to me that it was easy for me when I wanted to experience, in the world, a way to access my right brain feminine, emotional, and childlike part of myself.


090491  Meeting aspects of myself

090491 Meeting aspects of myself

Example #5. Meeting aspects of myself.

This is how my wounded child actually became known to me. I was called Little Miri Sunshine when I was a child, and I knew I had an unhappy child inside, too. By drawing this picture and dialoguing with it, I learned a lot about my hidden child self. At first my wounded child said, “My name is Cloud,” then there was a very long pause and she said, “Black Cloud.” I had to let that sink in.

On 9-11-91, I went back in and added the rubber stamping. I often added to a picture, but I made sure I got into the consciousness I had been in at the time I created the drawing. This keeps the picture unified and consistent in its expression.

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102810 Inner work

Inner work ~ part A)

Example #6. Inner work ~ part A

Unifying the “I.” This is an example of drawing an idea and discovering I hadn’t finished my work. I had moved to Denver by this time. Sometimes, by drawing I can complete a process in my inner work. In this case, I drew my picture, and then this little fuzzball troublemaker appeared grabbing hold of the “I,” and even getting his left shoe into the “I.” I realized immediately that I had more work to do. Back to the Drawing board, as they say.


072511 Mir-I-AM

072511 Inner work ~ Part B Mir-I-AM

Example #6. Inner work ~ Part B
It took a few months to get myself integrated into “I.” This time my little “I” completely surrendered, and she is happy this way.
The words on the stripes are:
On the Top: Jesus said: “The things I do ye shall do also, and greater things shall ye do, because I go to the Father.”
In the Middle: “. . . and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
In the Bottom: “God, I am the energy that fills all space.”
( Baird Spalding – DeVorss Publications
Volume 5, Chapter 12 – Credo

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