My Near Experience 1974

The farthest away I have ever been is during a near-death experience I had in 1974.  A new medication for migraine headaches that I was trying for the first time caused my soul/spirit to separate from my body.  There, my consciousness was looking down at my body lying on the bed.  Eternity seemed to be expanding into infinity.
There are three things I experienced in this trip. 

  1. Death does not exist.  There I was in an expansive consciousness—not IN my body at all.  It actually seemed quite natural.
  2. I experienced a great web of life.  There were no coincidences.  Who my parents were, my siblings, where and when I was born, who I married, my children—all were part of a vast Divine plan.  It was comforting to see how embraced and supported we are by a Power way beyond ourselves.
  3. We each have a Divine purpose in our journey here on planet earth, and it’s important to seek to discover what it is.

When I returned back into my body, I realized I did not find out what my purpose was, and that my first goal would be to learn how to hear my own inner guidance. I’ve never been the same since this experience, in 1974.  There were no books out on the subject like there are today.  I had to sort the experience out on my own.  There were times when I felt my life was much harder after this experience and I tried to stuff my consciousness back into its former state like trying to stuff a genie back into its bottle after the cork is released.  But of course, that never worked.

So, this was the beginning of my spiritual journey which, after all these years, I have finally become grateful for that journey to my far, far away place.

[September 14, 2009]


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