Welcome to The TAO Humor Center, The First of 5 Web Sites.
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Home tab:
Besides the dedication, there is my husbands’ memorial of 2015.


History tab:
I have put my personal history, including how I became a clown. This also includes information about the TAO Humor Center which was located near the Potomac River between the CIA and the Pentagon from 1981 through the spring of 2008.


Root tab:
I have my key information about the healing of the Wounded Child. If you only read one post from the TAO Humor Center original site, this would be the one to read. Since I consider the adult clown to be rooted in the Inner Child with the necessity of healing our Wounded Child, this information is referred to over and over again in all five succeeding sections. I also have my list of friends who have companion websites and my favorite list of books under the Root tab.


Clown Adventures tab:
I have written personal stories about experiences I have had while clowning. These writings begin to explain what I consider therapeutic and spiritual clowning which I developed personally through my years of clowning.


For Children tab:
I have listed the spiritual principles I have used in my meditations and fairy tales which I have written. Also under this For Children tab, I have listed children’s picture books and adult picture books that Miri and my adult self spend time with in order to get into an uplifted state.


Coloring Books tab:
I have forms which are simple outlines, foundational spiritual work to color in for work that starts in the next section, the Sister site.

Fantasy and Fun and Phenominal tab:
I have pages that you can print out and actually color that are mostly Zentangle designs.

Paper Dolls tab:
Starts you in actually doing Zentangle designs yourself and making paper doll clothes for the paper doll Ketre, that is included.


Gallery tab:
I invite you to leave your adult mind at the door and enter into the Galleries into your child’s mind of fantasy and imagination.
Here you will find:

  • Galleries of huge left-handed drawings that Miri did throughout the years.
  • Also there is a section of prayers showing God Particles, which we will talk about a lot in the later sections.
  • The Resurrected Cards may be printed out for you to use as recycled greeting cards.
  • The Business Cards our pink flamingo clown troupe would get together and create just for fun to hand out.
  • The 16 small Valentine Cards, I sent to a friend one year.
  • The Collages are made with computer paper, wrapping paper and embossed rubber stamps. The embossed rubber stamps are raised off the surface for 3=D effect. I use them for meditation.
  • The Zentangle Gallery is a start of my more advanced Zentangle art which I am framing.
  • The last tab, Honoring Friends, is beautiful artwork that some of my friends have created and allowed me to put on my website for enjoyment and inspiration.


How To tab:
I have actually created step-by-step instructions on how to do the left-handed drawings, how to create your own healing story, how to do the stuffed animal meditation, how to play the subway gift game, how to create a starry telling group of your own and how to do the “emerge and see” companionship sharing with a friend.


Wisdom Writers tab:
I wrote all these stories in a Wisdom Writers group here at the senior center where I live. We were given an assignment each week and the option of writing chapters about our lives should we want to write a collection.
I have divided these stories into life lessons, occasions, history and special days. These stories give a smattering of my personal life from birth to being an elder.