Valentine’s Day for the Pink Flamingo Clown Troop meant a trip to the local hospital. Our main focus was inner child work, and we extended our playfulness to the patients on that day. We had always spent a lot of time making Valentines to give away at the hospital and had Valentines for the nurses, the nursing-station employees, and anyone we ran into in the halls or lobby. It was our favorite day!

One year, Reverend Absurd, who is my clown-self, made miniature valentines with rubber stamps. These are the kind we exchanged in Kindergarten through maybe 3rd grade. Usually animals are talking with simple and silly rhymes and words. I got carried away and by the time I finished I had 17 different kinds of small Valentines with animals talking and matching envelopes. Since I had started early, and they were so fun, I decided to send out Valentines that year instead of Christmas cards. Come February, I was enjoying putting Valentines in the mail! Most people said they enjoyed the fun and sentiment. And my husband, Herb, as usual, went along with Reverend Absurd’s antics. In fact, I couldn’t think of a saying to go with my snail and solicited his help. He came up with, “I’d creep a mile, just to see your smile!”

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Orcas, a valentine made with Stamps and a play on words.

Orcas, a valentine made with Stamps and a play on words.



Valentines with Elephants

Valentines with Elephants

img of Valentine card


img of Valentine card


img of a Hare

A Hare

img of Hummingbird


img of Puffin


img of Snail


img of Swan


img of Wolf


img of DragonFly


img of giraffe


img of Caterpillar


img of Moose


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