Joie’s Earrings

J O I E J’ A E L L E

(c. 1988) What I love most, of all the things I “do”, is to empower my brothers and sisters and all my relations into your Spirit-Knowing by enjoining and amplifying your Essence Self. One of the ways given to me to do this, is to weave the resonance of your Spirit Self ~ your unique colors and vibratory tones ~ into a visible structure for you to wear and feel and meditate upon which you can carry with you into the outer world.

My background as an artist and a healing facilitator have woven themselves together, to co-create, with your Spirit, these uniquely personal power pieces, which contain the energetic signature of your Soul~Self.

The process of weaving them is like an ongoing meditation. It is of utmost importance that I maintain a constant resonance with your vibrational frequencies with total integrity and in a Sacred Manner. I also experience the incredible love and joy of your guides and mine, your Higher Self and mine, as they hang out together and further empower each other while we sing and dance the colors, patterns and designs which your Sacred Self is requesting to be reflected. The way this comes through is so beautiful! I am often amazed ~ awed even ~ at how our Spirits pull through totally unique designs and patterns. I get to grow with each new piece.

(2015) I deeply regret that I am no longer able to make any more Soul Jewelry ~ for all of our sakes. With Blessings to US ALL.

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beaded earrings

beaded earrings

beaded earrings
beaded earrings beaded earrings joie-earrings


“The earrings that J’aelle created for me are a reflection of my Higher Self in a physical form that I can embody and relate with. Each time I wear these incredibly beautiful creations, I feel empowered and aligned with my true essence.” B.D, Astrologer/Yoga Instructor/Publisher. The Networker, Asheville, NC.

“It’s a really long story. There are so many things that happened around the time I received my earrings. I was going through two major challenges during the time you were making them. In my prayers, I asked to receive help. I could feel someone out there answering my prayers. When I found out you had been tearing out my earrings right at the time (when my energies were shifting), I was amazed! They bring such a strong message to me. I feel different when I put them on. They’ve helped me feel more compassionate ~ particularly towards myself.” TS, Forester & Medicine Woman, Maupin, OR.

“My bracelet is clean feeling. There’s absolutely no muck in it. Its energy shines. It feels really pure.” JH, Artist, Nashville, TN.

“I wear my earrings a lot. They feel friendly – and protective. But they’re more friendly, really. I wear them when I feel like I need a friend. I wear them a lot!” MW, Cosmic Clown & Inner Child Advocate, T.A.O. Humor Center, Denver, CO.

“It is the ultimate luxury, to me, to have someone create a piece of jewelry that magically reflects the uniqueness of my soul. I’ve experienced J’aelle channeling who I Am in Spirit in a very clear and guided way. I’ve watched her taking great care to let each bead tell her where it wants to be placed. J’aelle’s jewelry has helped empower me in my uniqueness and has brought great joy to my heart, my senses and my soul.” FH, Acupuncturist, Asheville, NC.

“I cannot tell you … As soon as I wore my breastpiece to school, the children responded first. Everyone who sees it is blown away. They seem so taken, they are often at a loss for words. I love it! I have no words for how it makes me feel. It’s all so inner. It’s so precious to me, anyway, but those kids … I’m just loving their responses!” MR, Montessori Teacher, Oneness Family School, Bethesda, MD.

“Red earrings flow down my neck, my cheeks, that I may hold to the Earth Woman I Am while I sojourn here in this alien city. I wear red finery when I bleed; red streaked legs are forbidden, the red of moontime remains hidden, so the red beads flow and I can smile, here in exile.” EM, Potter, Earth Steward, Asheville, NC.