These examples are of praying for healing and relationships. The God Particles fill and surround the people. They are the intelligence of God themselves. They are pure love and know what to do and how to do it. They are the Presence of God and do His Will. We do not have to direct them. We need to be the empty reed that they flow through, giving up all control and allowing the Presence of the Christos to flow through us to do God’s Will.

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Image of a Prayer Drawing

Prayer for a Perfect Body

God Particles of Divine Love Surrounds You!


God Particles Loving and Healing you.

Happy God Particles


You are Totally Loved from Heavenly Places!


Prayer For A Couple

More God Particle Drawings
Prayer Healed Knee

Prayer A Healed Knee

Prayer A Healed Torso

Prayer A Healed Torso

image of 2-17-90 Dabhars

2-17-90 Dabhars

Miri Dabhars

3-8-91 Miri

Huge Dabhars

3-13-91 Dabhars