Invisible Easter Egg

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As a child, my two sisters and I enjoyed Easter and all the festivities. We always dyed our eggs and decorated them with decals. They got more and more elaborate as we got older. When we were younger we thought the Easter Bunny hid them. Later, of course, we had a lot of fun finding them knowing our dad hid them. Then, after Sunday School, we would take turns hiding them from each other.

One year we couldn’t find one egg. We usually made several dozen and would count them. Since we lived in the country and had a large yard and garden, it could take us a long time to find them all. We came home and asked our dad to redo his route. We were sure that some animal had carried it off or eaten it. Our dad always remembered the whole route that he took. So he went out to check.

He came back laughing and laughing. We asked him to give us a hint. But, he said that he couldn’t because it wasn’t hidden in a hard place, and once we found it we would understand. Well, we looked and looked after Sunday School. It got to be late in the afternoon and our dad would give us no hints!

Finally, when the three of us were looking together, my older sister started laughing and pointed. Looking to where she was pointing, I saw a plain white egg sitting on the white window sill or our garage. It was in no way hidden. It was in the middle of the window ledge in plain sight. One of us had made a white egg with a decal and my dad had placed the egg so that the decal was facing away. Our eyes had been looking for color – and completely overlooked the white egg sitting openly on the window sill!  We all had a good laugh together with my dad!

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