Seashell Hologram

img zentangle Seashell

6 X 6 with Seashell Hologram

We had a huge snowstorm Saturday and Sunday, April 16th and 17th. In fact it may continue on today (Monday) and tomorrow. I was supposed to go to a weekend retreat, but only the over nighters and out of towners who arrived Friday night got there.
I did my zentangle for the day on Saturday, and noticed the big shell like image in the upper right corner. (6×6 zentangle)

I saw a huge shell coming in, and got a big piece of paper, and made a huge shell of the “isochor” zentangle image . The drawing came together like it already was. (Black and white large image.)

On Sunday, I saw it colored in very soft colors. Miri, my inner child, likes really BRIGHT colors, but she had no problem with joining in and coloring it soft colors. (Large colored image).
To me it is a giant shell made up of little shells which would be made of smaller shells and on into infinity. I realized I had moved to Denver 8 years earlier, on April 17th, 2008. Somehow it seemed like a completion of some kind.

I tried to put sand, and pebbles, and wind blown beach grass around it, but it would have none of that. It wanted to stand alone. But of course, I know for sure that it (the seashell) is not alone, And the seashell knows it is not alone, too!

Miri and Miriam
April 18th 2016

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