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Below find a video that has inspired this project and then below that her process and when finished, the pieces of bead work.


A friend sent this video to Tami and she was so inspired and tickled by the visuals that she decided to create barrettes that resemble these unique Peacock Spiders! (Thanks to PeacockSpiderman for all his inspired photography and interest in these tiny, colorful, dancing creatures!)

Peacock Spider 7


image of Peacock Spider

Thanks to PeacockSpiderMan for the images and videos!

Peacock Spider Barrettes In Progress

Peacock Spider Barrettes, the beginning design.

Peacock Spider barrette project

Peacock Spider coming into shape

Peacock Spider on a finger nail

Peacock Spider on a Fingernail. Thanks to Jürgen C. Otto and David E. Hill

Finished Peacock Spider Barrettes

Finished Peacock Spider Barrettes

Note: We appreciate all the wonderful documentation surrounding this wonderful tiny creature, we attempt to supply the credits for the videos and photos used on this page, if something is not represented properly please notify us and we will make the changes ASAP, Thank you, From the folks at taohumorcenter.org

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