Miri’s Christmas Season 2012

I am having an interior Christmas this year.  I am my Christmas Tree.  I have decorated my inner self with glorious lights.  I can turn them all on together with every color of the rainbow.  I can make colors bright or by feeling peaceful the colors become pastel.  They are colors you cannot buy in a store.  I can have my whole body light up as I color chakra.  I can even have various colors of each chakra all together.  Like my root chakra colors filling my whole body all scarlet, crimson, magenta, pink, cranberry, maroon, etc.  Then just for fun, I can light up some salmon or violet just to add to the palette.  As I learned in beading, I can throw in a color from the opposite side of the color wheel; just randomly 3 or 4 of them.  They bring out all colors even more.  I can turn on all the warm colors together or all the cool colors together.

Oh, no, you can’t buy my Christmas Tree lights at a store.  Nor do I have to plug them in, or decorate my tree.  You see, this Christmas I know.  I know and no one can stop me, even myself!  I am not afraid of my light anymore.  I AM the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah. I came from the Source of all life as all of us did.  Lights from the Most High.  Created as life, light and love.  Direct from the most High, the Holy, the Divine, the Sacred Source.  Call it what you will the name doesn’t matter.  However, the age does.  I must become as a little child.  The child of God.  I am home.  I AM home.  I AM Home.  From the Child of LOVE, I blow you kisses, my brothers and sisters!  Together we are the HOLY Child of God, the Divine Children of Love. O HOLY NIGHT