G r i n n’s Fairy Tales
Written 2/25/15

Once there was a little llama called simply Llama. It was as if her parents had run out of names with her siblings. This little llama was sad because she wanted to be a camel.

Oh, if only I could have a hump or two like the magnificent animals that carry Queens and Kings and Princes high up where every ones attention is drawn to them. Tassels and gold and silk bedeck these camels. Such beauty and elegance! I would like to be proud and haughty like that! Llama would say.

She looked at her mother and dad and older siblings. What did they carry on their backs? Firewood; bales of hay; and jars of water. Beasts of burden that’s what her family was! Nothing to be proud of!

Llama was not old enough to work, so she daydreamed all day under a palm tree until her family came home at evening. One day when she was sitting in the shade, a little boy came up to her. The little boy was on crutches, and one of his feet was badly deformed. He couldn’t walk to school because it was too far. He had tried it. By the time he got to school, it was time for him to turn around and go home. Now this little boy was robust and energetic. Quite intelligent, too! But life had beaten him down, and he was forlorn, dejected, and sad.

Now you know they say, Misery loves company. As soon as they met, Morya (for that was the little boys name) and Llama fell into complaining.

Morya looked at Llama and said to her, Whats wrong with you? Why are you so sad? You look perfectly formed and healthy and strong!

That’s true, said Llama, but I want to be a camel, and be owned by Kings and Queens and Princes, the famous and the rich! I am ashamed to be a beast of burden.

And I want to go to school because I have a vision of a Beautiful Garden the likes of which has not been created on earth since the Garden of Eden! I must get to school so I can learn all about plants and trees and flowers; fountains and landscape design. How I long to create this beauty! said Morya.

They would fall into depression; their crushed and impossible dreams settling heavily on their young bodies. As the days went by, Llama and Morya spent much time under the tree, dreaming about their dreams. Gradually little by little without even noticing it, they stopped complaining. They began to see their dreams become visions; they began to feel they could touch their visions; hear the sounds they would hear, smell the atmosphere in them even walk into them and experience them: Morya in his enchanting garden, and Llama in finery with royalty on her back!

One day Llama said to Morya, You know, you could get on my back and I could take you to school. I could wait in the shade for you, and when you get out, I could bring you home. You would be safe because my back is flat and wide; low and safe; easy to get on and stay on! We could walk with the children because I can keep up with them. I’m sure my parents will let me do this. And they did. Morya’s parents also said yes.

The children were so happy to have Llama with Morya riding on her back, walking to school with them and back home every day. They talked and laughed. The whole little school became a community as Morya shared his visions. The artist children began to draw pictures of a garden and make models of clay. The musically inclined wrote and played music that they imagined they heard coming from the beautiful garden. The gardeners learned the best way to grow and take care of the plants. The designers began to go outside and look at the landscape.

The children began to share these projects and visions at dinner time with their parents. The enthusiasm of the children began to win over the hearts of their parents. Soon donations of plants, trees, flowers, and landscaping materials began to show up at the school. Llama and her friends lifted and carried logs and stones and landscaping objects for the children. Soon the whole community began to work together to create the beautiful garden Paradise.

The story got out on the internet and YouTube, and people started sending even more gifts and finances. Gardeners, landscapers, and water feature specialists began to visit the garden and share their expertise. Eventually a college was then located at the village, and visitors from all over the world came to visit the garden and meet Morya and Llama. It was fortunate that everyone came to Morya and Llama, because Llama was still Moyra’s transportation, and they knew traveling by air would be challenging. Llama was so proud to be carrying Morya on her back!

Children from all over the world made beautiful blankets woven just for Llama, and sent her golden silk tassels for her halter. She was so tame and gentle of a llama and so feminine (did I tell you she had extra long and thick curly eyelashes?) that she finally got her own name: DOILY!

So this is the story of how Morya and DOILY Llama learned to love who they are and exactly who they were created to be! They learned how to work together and create community. And they learned that when you step into the beautiful vision of your mission, everything that is yours will joyously and lovingly come to you!

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