My Never Ending Pot of Gold

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If I had a never ending pot of gold, I would create two camps for artists, musicians and nature lovers – of ALL ages. I would put the winter camp on a cove in St. John’s Island in the Caribbean, and the summer camp in the northern woods of Minnesota on the Boundary Lakes. I would have docks with boat houses and canoes, rowboats and sailboats. There would be no speedboats. At St. John’s there would be snorkeling and scuba diving. We would have lots of outdoor activities including campfires at night with singing and storytelling. Daytime would have a variety of recreational activities including trails for hiking. There would be beautiful gardens with opportunities to grow vegetables and flowers.

For the artists there would be all kinds of fine arts plus pottery, silk screening, enameling and stained glass. I would have fine teachers and centers for each type of art or craft. I would have a special center for camp-type arts and crafts for the children.

In the music section I would also have top teachers for every instrument and vocalists. There would be an adult and youth orchestra, chamber groups, choral groups and operas. There would be lots of single practice rooms and a concert hall and opera house.

The living arrangements would be mainly cabins with main clubhouses for the various interests of residents. There would be lots of decks and porches and outdoor amphitheaters to make sure people could be out of doors for a maximum amount of time. I would like the buildings to be rustic and blend in with the surrounding environment. I would like the atmosphere of a Chautauqua, New York or Interlochen, Michigan. Just dreaming about such camps makes me feel the warm sand between my toes, smell the crisp pine trees in the air and feel smiley all over.


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