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Central Fountain, Sacred Waters

Central Fountain ~ Sacred Waters

Our home of forty-seven years was located in a little woods on a fairly steep hill.  At first I thought I would just plant ivy and keep down the erosion and do my gardening in the front where there was some sunshine.  But as the years went by, I became interested in shade gardening, decks, terraces, and fountains.

I ended up creating an Angel Meditation Garden that was the design of a Qabbalah (Kabbalah), or the Tree of Life.  At every major circle I had an angel with a little garden surrounding it.  For plants, the ferns and Hosta plants grew the best and I tried them all for variety.  hostaPlantI had to clear little pathways by cutting and digging out the ivy.  That was probably a bigger job than creating the new gardens.

It was a long project that kept growing and growing. 

Peace Pole

Peace Pole

We ended up with a Peace Pole, rock sitting spaces, a deck, fountains, and a little pond.
[The writing on the pole says: May Peace Prevail on Earth]

It was one of my favorite gardening projects. As I got older, the hill got harder to work on.  Finally, when we decided to sell our home, I knew it was time to start giving away the angels.  I had other cement figures of elves and some of animals. 


Rev. Absurd in Garden

Rev. Absurd in Garden

I began to tell my friends that I was going to give away my garden statues and asked them to come over one by one to get one.  I still remember the first one to go.  The whole process took one-and-a-half years.  I still have the list of where everything went.  There must have been sixty that I gave away, and some were still left when we sold our home.

Some friends have driven by and reported that the gardens are still there, and the front yard angels are, also.  My Angel Garden and all the events we had in it are some of my fondest memories.  Each angel had a name, so I learned a lot about angels, as well as plants, gardening and water features.  This is why I knew I needed to have a patio apartment here at our new retirement location.

[Written May 18, 2009]

Garden Collage

New Garden Collage ~ Created from snapshots of Sculpture and Flowers from Miriam’s small garden on patio.

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