Honoring Friends

The Dreamspell Mayan Calendar has a saying:
TIME IS ART (Not time is money)
I am grateful to have artist companions along the road who are creating beauty!

Joie Bourisseau — earrings.
My friend of longest standing in the spiritual world, who I already knew before my near death experience of 1974. — Joie was there ready to be my earthly journeyer.

Tamara Shannon — Bead work
Tami is Miriam and Herb’s daughter.
Tami spent many hours learning how to do bead work from a woman who lived on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon. This woman’s teacher was a Native American woman from that Indian Reservation.

Nancy Morehead — Paintings
Nancy says: “Life as Canvas”.
Nancy is a clown friend of mine who is quite creative and artistic.
She is also the one who owns the Tepee on the mall and created the paintings on the tepee including the Pink Flamingo and the Pink Flamingo answering Feather seen within this Starry Telling — a How to Story.

Mary Thompson, Clay Sculptures.
I know Mary from my church and the senior community where we live. Mary facilitated a group in clay sculpture at this community and my husband, Herb, participated. He enjoyed making whimsical creations under Mary’s direction.

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