Stuffed Animal Meditation

World Healing Meditation with stuffed animals.

We had a monthly world healing meditation with stuffed animals around a lighted world globe.  I would collect the stuffed animals from around the house the night before.  I must say, by the next morning you could really feel the energy of the gathering.

World Healing

World Healing Meditation with stuffed animals

People would come with their own stuffed animals if they wanted to, and sometimes children would come.  I played music that was simply chimes, so it was very peaceful.  Everyone could move around as they liked and have their own sacred time.  We would pray for the animal and the countries it was from and the people in the countries where the animal lived.  We would also look at the label and see where the animal was made.

World Healing

World Healing with stuffed animals

By the end of the meditation we had pretty much covered the whole globe.  Wherever each person was led is where they focused.  It is easy to keep an upward focus on the beauty and goodness of the world when you’re holding a stuffed animal with special and playful qualities of it’s own, and you have around 60 animals to choose from.

If you know of other world healing events, you can hold yours at the same time and connect with that circuit.  We would often have ours with John Randolph Price’s world meditation in Texas.  We also joined in with the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar World Meditations.

World Healing Ceremony

World Healing Ceremony with stuffed animals

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