Music Sing Along

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a violinist. My parents took me seriously and I started piano at four. Back in those days before Suzuki, a child had to take piano lessons first.

My older sister – by five years – was already taking piano from Miss Bertie Braden. So…I went along with her.

At recital time, Miss Braden wanted me to participate, and being the youngest of her students, I was to go first. We prepared and prepared and as final instructions, Miss Braden wanted me to turn around to the audience and smile as a friendly gesture, before I slide off the bench.

RIGHT HAND            121  121             1231
Sooo…here I was.     CDC  CDC         CDEC

LEFT HAND                          321
And here’s the hard part     ABC

Then I turned around and smiled like THIS! 
(Miriam demonstrates Miri’s really false smile.)

I heard the story so many times, I feel like I remember it well!  Stories told remain alive!
Without words, its classical music.
But, here’s the sing along with Miri:

BA-BY  Bye            Here’s a fly
Let us catch him             YOU and I!

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