A Life’s Lesson

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When I was a sophomore in High School, I was studying the 60 Kreutzer Studies For Violin.  These get more and more difficult from the beginning to the end.  I was doing fine until I got to the middle of the book.  There was one study I just couldn’t seem to play.  I worked and worked on it and it seemed the more I practiced, the more I stumbled.  I had been able to accomplish them one week at a time, but this one was now going on four weeks!

That week, my teacher said: “well, lets go on”!  She turned to the next study and we continued on week by week to the end of the book! When I had played the last note in the book, she looked at me and said: “Lets go back and play that one you were having trouble with.” I immediately tensed up.  She hadn’t asked me to practice it at all! She told me how well I was playing all the studies even more difficult than that one.  So, to my horror, she turned the pages back and there it was! I started to freeze but she said: “I know you can play this now”! So … I put my violin under my chin, put my bow on the strings and away I went.  I was able to play the whole thing! I was amazed! I felt like I had conquered the whole world and I hadn’t even thought of that etude for weeks!

As time went on, I realized what a wise lady she was and have transferred the principle of this lesson to many aspects of life. I have discovered I can even switch tracks. I mean by that if I get stuck in one area of my life lets say a piece of enameling. I can lay it aside and continue on with a garden I’m creating and be successful in finishing it. Then go back to the enameling, pull it out, and the inspiration about how to complete it and the skill to do it can well be available to me. It seems like the subconscious mind has continued on to solve the problem even though I’m not even focused on it!

In today’s assignment, this was the ONLY thing that came up for me to write about.  So I finally just sat down and wrote it!  I seem to be stuck in a couple areas of my life here at my senior living residence.  It must be that I’m being told to just DROP them and go on to an area of my life where I am inspired at the moment and enjoy creating in a new area!  I’m being reminded that there’s a part of me that will continue to dissolve the blockages and maybe the solutions will come!  At least it’s worth a try.

Thanks for listening!


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