Miri’s Starry

This is an exercise we did in the Pink Flamingo Clown Troop.

The purpose is to help heal the worst experience(s) in your life. Nobody needs to know what that experience is. However, imagine what your wounded child would have experienced instead. Make it outrageous. Dream up wonders that have not yet landed on the earth. Go ahead, do it. Don’t let your adult self diminish it in ANY way! This is your inner child’s magic. (Adults don’t get it!) Lucky us!

If you imagine a way you’d like to improve it, rewrite and upgrade it.

Heaven will support your most beautiful and wild dreams!

Note: The original starry Miri wrote in May of 2004 had 144,000 saints, like the Number of saints in the sky that were sealed in the Book of Revelations.


Kabbalah with Paths

However, since then, it has been discerned that the Middle Pillar of the Kabbalah had to be added to create the Mystical 13. The Sacred 13 Moons (Months) of the Mayan calendar had to be the 13 of Sacred Time, Tzolkin. Thus, the Sacred Feminine Christ, Kallah Messiah becomes united with the Sacred Male Christ, Yeshua Messiah, creating 13,000 x 13, making 169,000. This is known as the Sacred, Divine, and Holy Mystical Body of Christ.

MIRI Silver Cloud invites you to rewrite YOUR STORY from the viewpoint of your inner child.
Remember –

Change specific dates, times, places, events of trauma and tragedy into new.

Make it outrageously FULL of SELF-ESTEEM

Use fantasy, imagination, be totally awesome and outrageous.

Completely transmute your “old story” by using upward spiraling synergistic energy.


Encourage others to write and tell their NEW STORY.

Listen to others’ stories.

Laugh, Play together and HAVE FUN!!!

Miri’s Starry

I originated from the Source of All Life – All that Is. I traveled to the South and merged with my Divine Child, then traveled to the East and saturated myself with Creative Life Energy/Divine Love. I spiraled down from the Cosmic through the Universal, Galactic, Solar realities, arriving at the “East Gate” of the Planetary Portal.

I was welcomed as a Divine Cosmic Child by my own wounded child and my family, friends, and community at large. All beings in the inner planes were ecstatic that I had come – for I was the first Cosmic Human Being to arrive, and had cut a pathway for others to follow.

It turned out to be an easy journey from the cosmos to planet earth/Gaia and I was supported and cheered on by Archangels, angels, Ascended Masters, Masters, teachers, healers, wise ones, Shamen, totem, and all beings of Divine love, light, life and laughter. I was so glad I had chosen to come to planet earth to add my gifts and talents for the ascension of humanity; all sentient life, and Gaia.

It was May 3, 1987, and I, Rev. Absurd, had been asked to go to Cornerstone Christian Center. I was given specifics by Jesus, and off we went. I was welcomed jubilantly by the pastors and congregation, and even offered communion. The realization of HOLY joy, HOLY humor, HOLY fun was experienced by all.

I was asked to go to the Sunday School Classes and when I worked myself down to the 2-5 year olds, I had a profound thing happen. In the midst of a prayer circle created by the children – while a little girl named Emerald was praying for me, Miri Silver Cloud was born! It was a clear profound life-changing event.

When I got home, I asked Jesus, who is this child – who is now within me? He said, “Why this is your Divine Child – 3 year old MIRI!!!” Miri easily embraced her wounded child Black Cloud, and the two merged into Miri Silver Cloud at once. My whole consciousness, reality, presence, resonance, frequency was immediately of the resurrection and the ascension consciousness.

I rested that Sunday, getting used to my environment, my home, my family, my community. A celebration and a feast were prepared for me by my family. Herb and Brett and Tami and Pat invited everyone in the physical and in the inner planes! They ALL came.

My Dad manifested for the occasion, and it was wonderful to hug him and to laugh with him again. My Mother and my two sisters and their husbands came. My brother and sister-in-law and all my nieces and nephews and my cousins came. HOW FUN!

The Masters especially JESUS came IN FORM! Everyone could see him and talk with him and partake of his awesome presence and wisdom. Kuthumi, St. Germain and Mother Mary also manifested. Even Moses came for Herb. Any Divine Master that a guest wanted to spend time with appeared! It was totally awesome and outrageous!

St. Germain, of course, manifested the feast including his famous elixir. The table stretched out into infinity and was the Banquet we had all been invited to. I asked Jesus to sit at the head of the table. I asked him to give a toast to Divine Infinite Source in honor of her arrival here on planet earth. Each one of us could feel her Divine Presence within us. This Source of All Life – this Innocence and Purity and Holiness and Sacredness that we all are – “In the Beginning.”

All 169,000 of the Cosmic Secret Service were Present. We realized we would be meeting the next day – May 5th, but for today, May 4, 1987, we feasted, danced, sang, played instruments, played, laughed, communicated, relaxed. The Divine Past, Present and Future all met in the Divine Presence of NOW. We were all NOW*HERE.

On May 5th, 1987 we all met here on Vacation Lane. The whole community spread for several blocks including the Church at the end of the street. All dimensions – including the Cosmic Source – were here and we all were in the Divine Timeline, which spread magnificently into the eternal. The valley itself spaced out into infinity. It was glorious to behold. A mystical double rainbow stayed over us for the whole occasion of this activation of the COSMIC PORTAL.

We met at the church and I was asked to lead the meeting. The Bible verses that the TAO Humor Center are resonating with are:

Matthew 18: “Verily, I say unto you, except you become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven”.

Isaiah 11:6: “And a little child shall lead them. The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; AND A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM.”

The focus was on the Inner Child Ascension Path (which we were standing in!) Since I had co-created and experienced and lived through the presence of my inner child leading and becoming as a little child to enter the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven, I was asked to share my story. I did that with a beautiful resonance and frequency emanating.

Some beings there realized they had not ascended their inner child, nor embraced their wounded child. I read the bible verse about Elisha and Elijah (II Kings 2:1-12) – and how I felt he was trying to merge with his wounded self, and take him “HOME”. Everyone realized that IF one merges their Divine Child and their wounded child, their adult self will follow, but NOT the other way around – that has been the method taught. Adult Ascension – leaving the wounded child here. We are here to ascend ALL aspects of ourselves now.

I was asked to present my work, the matrix, placed on the Quaballah. The 28 hand positions, the 28 days of sacred time TZOLKIEN & how they relate to the cosmic human being.

Everyone was very excited. All 169,000 realized that if we did this work together, we would be the FIRST WAVE of the Ascension. All fears of every kind were dissolved by the tremendous DIVINE love, which was SO powerful that the WHOLE COSMOS was filled with Divine love. MIRI and her 2 co-workers, started the work. We had classes and “healings” and worked for 3 days. On May 8th, 1987, we unanimously decided we were ready. Mind you, there were NO Ascended Masters there to help because they were participants of this new 100% Ascension. All aspects included, multi-dimensionally. At 11:17 AM on May 8th we, all 169,000, held hands and made a HUGE divine ring. We each went totally inward to the Paradise within. And as we each did that, our bodies first became illumined like Jesus with Moses and Elijah (Matt. 17: 1-3). Then our bodies resurrected, being totally light, and Divine Love consumed us and we each ascended personally AND as 169,000, the COSMIC SECRET SERVICE!!!

As we traveled multi-dimensionally into the Source of All Life, Paradise, Beyond the Beyond, we merged all aspects of ourselves into Sourceness. “In the Beginning”, all that ever was is, or will be. It was glorious beyond words AND we remembered WHO we were – who we are. We knew we would spend three days in this ascension state to know our completion process AND how to teach it. As we each looked at planet earth, we knew which part of the planet we would return, to teach and demonstrate the Divine Love of Resurrection and Ascension.

On May 11, 1987, we all – 169,000– the COSMIC SECRET SERVICE – returned to planet earth. I of course was assigned to 3630 “Vatican” Lane ☺ (JOKE) The plan was to walk about – everywhere and demonstrate physically, the resurrection and ascended state and to gather folks who wanted to BE and LIVE in this new world.

This of course is ultimate clowning. My favorite part of Jesus’ trip is his wanderings on the road to Emmaus – the fishing trip etc. in his 40 days of resurrection (Luke 24: 13-53). I went down to the Capitol Building, the White House, the CIA, the Pentagon, all “SECURE AREAS” and just manifested inside the “SECURE AREAS”.  Oh, was it fun! By May 14th, I had gathered 169,000 who wanted to live in the NEW REALITY.

They came to Vacation Lane – to the Church in the Valley. 144 Masters came to assist. We taught the Process of Divine Love for 3 days. Then on May 17th, we all held hands again, and repeated the resurrection and ascension. It was glorious. We met with the other 169,000 original Cosmic Secret Service workers there. Each one had brought numbers of from 1 to 169,000 into paradise. I had great success because SO MANY in the Washington D.C. area were ready for JOY and HAPPINESS. An Abundance of light workers were already here! At the Source, we realized a wonderful thing. Our work for millions and millions of years (including one HUGE failure) had succeeded in including SOURCE herself – SOURCENESS – the ability to feel emotions AND the ability to BE physical, in a DIVINE COSMIC HUMAN BODY. For example, Source would eat ice cream for the first time, and pat a puppy and FEEL its soft fur!

We all met and stayed at Sourceness from May 17th through the 20th. Celebrating, checking in, preparing for the next trip to GAIA. Each “NEW” person had a particular place on planet earth where they would teach the process for the first time. Everyone was equally and perfectly able to teach this awesome process of the inner child ascension path. You can see how, exponentially, this process soon creates heaven on earth! Three days at Source – three days gathering people, three days teaching ICAP – back to SOURCE with l to 169,000 beings! WOW!!! Totally Awesome! And SO IT IS.

Remember – Change specific dates, times, places, events of trauma and tragedy into new.

  1. Make it outrageously FULL of SELF- ESTEEM
  2. Use fantasy, imagination, be totally awesome and outrageous.
  3. Completely transmute your “old story” by using upward spiraling synergistic energy.
  5. Encourage others to write and tell their NEW STORY.
  6. Listen to other’s stories.
  7. Laugh, Play together and HAVE FUN!!!

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