I like to think of these friends as companions on the road to Emmais, going home together.

My favorite part of Jesus’ life is the 40 days after His Resurrection, before His ascension.
He seems to be enjoying appearing and surprising His disciples, friends, and family.

The Road to Emmais is Luke 24: 13-53
Urantia Book Part IV Paper 190-193

Gerry Eitner
Gerry and I spent alot of time together with healing modalities, especially Reiki.

Harold Becker and John Goeltz
Harold and John came to our Humor Center and facilitated some Love Foundation programs.

Ann McGill
Ann McGill-Pictures
Ann took us out in her polka dot joy car with bubbles that came out of the trunk! What fun! Scroll down to find the polka dot joy car pictures.

Carolyn W
Carolyn is my sister. Besides poetry, Carolyn was an accomplished pianist and teacher.

Pat Blackmon
Pat was a favorite tennis friend of mine, and our families had many adventures together.

Eileen O’Grady
Eileen O’
Eileen is my friend who helped me work through the material for each Pink Flamingo Clown Troop session before I presented it. Thanks to her, the Pink Flamingos had much smoother inner child healing group experiences.

Turiya Aellyn Vallis
Aellyn was my key work partner in creating my healing modality of combining the Kabbalah & the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar. Beyond Time and Space.
She also is a vocalist and songwriter and would often perform at our gatherings of the TAO Humor Center.

I loved to go to Sananjaleen’s workshops and visit her beautiful gardens in the Virginia countryside.

Mary Lee and Will Russell
Northstar Healing Arts
They were my Reiki healing friends and facilitated the Reiki Healing Group volunteers at Arlington Hospital in Arlington, Virginia.

Gabrielle Young
I attended many of Gabrielle’s spiritual gatherings and her reciting of mystical poetry. She is always focused on creating beauty.

Renya Craig
I loved spending time with Renya, a creative, upbeat, humorous woman who always created joy. She is a great connector, too.

Stan and Dee Moore
I worked with Stan and Dee at their Let’s Live healing center.

Patch Adams
Patch lived in Arlington, Va, too. I would run into him clowning with the homeless sometimes. My daughter and I went to a gathering of his before I moved. He was creating airplanes full of clowns going to 3rd world countries.What a compassionate and visionary man.

Royaline Doyle
Royaline has typed up alot of my writings, and is a great encourager to me.

Dayna-Rae Martinez-Melamed
Dayna-Rae helped me get all my artwork organized, which led to my Resurrected cards and a new Humor Activity which led to my starting my website!

Suzanne Carter
Suzanne is a wonderful spiritual guide who helps me create, maintain, ground, and live my mission.

Julia Satterley
Julia is the one person I’ve met who is as drawn to studying (Tau Malachi) Sophian Gnostic Christianity as I am.

The Folks of
DJ-gssSMGeek Street Studios
They were my web masters who created this website with me and they magically understood MIRI, and even Rev Absurd’s foibles. I know they were sent to me. Now friends of Geek Street Studios maintain this site for me.