Poem To Herb

To Herb

You have the ability to love me completely.
You’ve loved me through every illness, and some have been severe.
You’ve loved me through every crisis in my family, and some have been devastating.
You love me even when I’m self-centered, and you wait patiently.
You love me through anger, fight, and disappointments.
You love me even when I feel I don’t love you.
You love me in spite of my imperfections.
You love me no matter how I look.
You love me through every change or passage in my life.
You love me as I grow old  – beyond wrinkles, you look into my eyes and smile.
You love me when I’m most natural, most myself.
You love me through our children.

You and I

You fight easily and forget easily.
You have faith that agony will pass and our love will prevail.
You encourage me to be myself to do my own thing.
You believe that in each of us following our own endeavors – different
—— as they may be – we will come to each other refreshed, renewed,
—— ready to share.
You feel that quality of  time spent together is what counts.
You ask for very little – only time and freedom to pursue the things you love.
You trust me completely (and I you).
You believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself.
You believe in nonverbal communication – a smile, a touch, a loving
—— look, a laugh shared, a clasping of hands.


You are shy, but feel deeply.
You want to live life fully.
You have an earthy sense of humor –  in fact an earthiness surrounds you.
You do more than your share of caring.
You’re steady.
You have integrity  – will not abandon your beliefs, unless convinced
——- that they’re now wrong.
You’re a family man – generous of time with our children.
You love your brother and your heritage.

May I learn from you?

I know no other human being with as complete a lack of prejudice as you.
——- Almost childlike, innocent.
I’ve never been apprehensive for you to meet my family or friends –
——- unusual as their lives & philosophies may be, fraught with
——- problems as they often are. I know you’ll see them each as a
——- person of value, and love them because I do.

And yet I must confess there are times I’ve been afraid to introduce you
—— to others of importance to me.
Afraid they’ll think you too old, too wrinkled, too grey.
Able to talk only of tennis or exchanges of information.
Afraid you’ll talk too long, tell a bad joke, appear foolish,
——- cloddish or blunt. Too competitive or argumentative.
Afraid you’ll appear insensitive – not really reveal yourself.

I now think those who matter to me will see you for who you are.
——- And if they don’t, it doesn’t matter.

I see you, I love you,
—— And want to tell you some of the reasons why.


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