Paper Dolls

Ketre, Miri’s playmate to share with you!

Miri, my 3 year old inner child, doesn’t think it’s fair that little children have to focus on all the stuff going on in the world. So, she created a 3 year old playmate, Ketre for all of us. You can cut out the doll, and color her, or play with the one already colored. The clothes are just a beginning. If you want to make clothes for her, and share them, just email them in and I’ll put them on the web with your name on them. You could send a colored version and a black and white so we can color your designs, too! Remember to put the TABS on AND to cut them out! (So your doll can wear them!) You can use card stock paper in your printer, so the dolls and clothes are sturdier. By popular demand, I’m creating LARGER designs, for easier coloring! Some of them will be zentangle designs and I’ll put the name of the design with the clothes. Have fun, and keep the creativity flowing!

Love, Miri and Miriam

image Chart 1 of Zentangle designs image Chart 2 of Zentangle designs ZT--Chart3a
Zentangle Chart 4 ~*~ ~*~

Here are handy Zentangle charts produced with the help of Ellen Wolters YouTube Videos.

You can visit and learn about it.

Or Google any image, like zentangle peacock feather.

Also below the designs we have links to the individual designs, so you can see how to draw each one.

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Kétre Paper Dolls

Paper doll

Kétre Miri’s Playmate 4-2-16

Paper Doll

Kétre 4-3-16

Paper doll

Kétre 4-2-16

img of dress colored

Antfansynuf Dress

img of clothes

Playclothes with Poke Root Pattern Design

img of clothes

Play clothes colored

img of paperdoll clothes

Skirt and accessories with Hamadox and Purk Zentangle Designs

img of dress with zentangle designs

Dress with Betweed and Fescu

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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