Between the Holidays

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For many years between the holidays was a time of creativity. I was a silk screen artist and had Christmas Cards in several shops throughout Georgetown and Alexandria, Virginia. If someone wanted 100 cards, I would be quite busy because I always had several colors or layers of silk screening and then at least one color of hand painted design on each card. The cards would overflow my art space into the recreation room for drying.

When I got into enameling on copper and silver, I was in a gallery at the Torpedo Factory. We would take turns opening the gallery and at holiday season, the smaller items would sell faster and often I’d have to fire up the kilns and make more items. It was always an exciting time because I had a huge area in my basement all set up for my art work. In wintertime, my studio seemed particularly warm and cozy and inviting.

Which brings to mind a second thing I like about this time of year. We have our regular time back!  I wrote earlier about how I love early morning hours – before sunrise and before the hustle and bustle of the day has begun. Well, in early November, I get that hour back and I love the quiet and cozy time when light is so profound – in the darkness!

I love to go to churches and see the nativity scenes, and candles burning, and soft, holy music. This time of year is a special time for inner reflection, peace, and gratitude. I have always focused on the quiet beauty of this time of year and do what I can to slow my inner world down into sacred silence.


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