Emerge and See

Emerge and See Kits for Seniors Residents
October 10, 2011

I remembered the Emergency First Aid Kits some of us clowns had made for props to use in hospital visits.

Emerge and See:  I began to see containers that would make one smile with the items inside.  The items would be selected for beautiful, uplifting memories; items whose memories made you feel loved and loving and glad to be a human experiencing planet earth.

I saw how these could be used at a Seniors Residence.  Suppose a resident had an experience that caused them to be afraid, sad, or upset.  They realized it would be helpful to try to get into a better frame of mind.  They could call a neighbor who had created an Emerge and See kit and invite them over for sharing.

The neighbor would come over and listen to the emergency, and then they would move into taking out their Emerge and See kits to share.  Each person would reach into their kit and pull out an item to emerge and see. As each person shared with their friend their fond items and memories, the emotional frequency would be uplifted to a higher and happier vibration.

Also, having someone to share and listen to you at a traumatic time is psychologically healthy. Because one is inviting another over for a warm and sharing time, you would not feel like you were pulling someone down.  The whole experience of sharing loving memories would be a healing event for both participants.

Note:  Depression can be a big problem for seniors.  Sharing can become about the latest person that died, who’s in the hospital, the latest surgery, who’s sick, and on and on.  This is not healthy, and needs to be uplifted by warm memories or humor.  The sharing is fine, but it’s best to end on an upward spiral.

So, here’s a sharing about an Emerge and See kit. Enjoying the memories!

Example (Written by: Aurline, a friend): My first memento is this glass apple which I bought at the Norway pavilion at Disney World on a trip with my oldest daughter, and her husband and two sons. It’s the memento that almost got me arrested.  We are at the airport going through security.  My grandson has a plastic sword which he envisions on his bedroom wall, and I have my glass apple which I envision on a lamp table. All of a sudden, my grandson begins to cry. The security checker has told him he cannot take a sword on the plane.  She looks at the sword and concludes that the box is a bomb.  By this time, my grandson is wailing, the people behind us are getting antsy and some are disappearing, which gets the attention of the supervisor. He comes over in time to stop her before she calls the bomb squad. Today, my grandson has long since replaced the sword with pictures of pretty girls, but my apple is still on my table.

My second reminder is of a very tender memory. It is a carving of a very prim giraffe sitting on the edge of a shelf full of my travel treasures. I bought it in an Indian jewelry story in St. George, Utah.  Years ago, after my husband died, I used to travel to Salt Lake twice a year to see my sister and brother-in-law. They would drive down to California, stay a week, then we would drive back to Salt Lake and I would stay a week and then fly back home. On the way back to Salt Lake we would always stop in St. George and stay one or two days with a very dear friend. She had a wonderful collection of Indian artifacts which she bought from a local Indian jewelry store.  They gave her a discount which she shared with us every time we came, and this giraffe was my first purchase. It makes me laugh and I remember how much fun we had together and all the beautiful scenery we saw.  

This last one is a Chinese memorial coin which says, “I have climbed the Great Wall.” This was in 1986, soon after China opened up to tourists.  It was a cruise that started in Hong Kong and sailed up the coast to Pusan, Shanghai and the port of Beijing, where we docked, and 800 of us were bussed into the city for three days. I have pictures of us in face masks, but can’t find them.  The next day, after visiting the wall, we were supposed to visit a typical Chinese family, but this somehow fell through so instead we were given a banquet at the Great Hall of the People. We walked up those enormously wide steps into the banquet hall and took our seats at a table covered with lazy-susans that were groaning with food. As we sat there, the Chinese National Orchestra began playing America, the Beautiful. No one moved for a moment, but then we all stood with tears in our eyes hardly able to believe that we were in China and hearing that beloved song. I still get gooseflesh when I remember that moment.


This is a sample of an emerge and see visit.

Have some fun containers if possible.


fish purse

fish purse

Fish Purse

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