The Banquet



 This picture shows MIRI’S self-esteem.  Certainly as an adult I would not have the HUTZPAH to arrive early at the Banquet Jesus invited all of us to.  MIRI made it easy for herself by drawing the back of Jesus’ head.  She has marked her plate with a big M I R I.  She is drinking out of her goblet with her left hand probably because she couldn’t figure out how to draw her right hand holding it with her standing so close to Jesus.

Miri, herself, is wearing Reverend Absurd’s yellow pants and clown hat.  This hat is topped with a small spring that holds 3 feathers that wobble around with the slightest of moves.  The hair of her wig has lengthened to shoulder length.  Her humming bird friend HUMMER is sitting atop her hat.  In the Native American tradition the humming bird usually signifies JOY.

It is interesting to me that MIRI appears to be an adolescent here and a composite of all 3 of my inner clowns; MIRI, Reverent Absurd and Gone Fishing.  I usually drew MIRI winking.  This is among the last pictures I drew left-handed before leaving the Washington D.C. area.  In Denver, I discovered that all 3 clowns had come together in the center and the composite clown is named WINK.

The butterfly is often a symbol of transformation. The banquet, table and children go off into infinity and eternity thus circling the globe and becoming multi-dimensional.  It appears to extend over the head of Jesus.  So this is the dream dinner MIRI would invite the family of humanity to.

[April 1, 1994]

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